Our People. Our Expertise. Your Trusted Technical Resource. OCTOBER 4TH, 2021 INSIDE THIS ISSUE PG. 2 A new website for a new age of MBC! Our newest acquisition PG. 3 See how things are going at the new lab A rave review from a recent project PG. 4 What’s that Acronym! CCA A quick recap of recent news at MBC PG. 5 Tips from our experts for the fall. Are you and your house winter-ready? PG. 6 A message from our President, on behalf of MBC’s executive team THE MBC VOICE As usual there is no shortage of excitement at MBC Group. Between our recent acquisition of Walker Projects and our lab opening its doors several months ago, along with several other exciting initiatives, we’re keeping busy and we’re not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Our motivated and energetic leadership team is hard at work ensuring we continue to evolve our service portfolio and client base. Our motivation? The customer experience has always been at the heart of this company’s growth. As a service-based, multi-disciplinary Engineering Consulting firm, our innovative technicians and engineers consistently find ways of streamlining the services we provide while challenging outdated models in the broader scope of the industry. f ● in

A NEW WEBSITE FOR OUR GROWING COMPANY MBC Group has been growing and expanding so much that we also outgrew our old website! So, we created a new one to better reflect where we are at now, as well as the direction we’re headed. As a company which offers such a vast array of services, and which continues to add more services to our portfolio, we wanted to provide a place for current and prospective clients to keep track of all that we offer, as well as an easy place to submit an assignment or get in touch. Remember to follow us on our socials if you haven’t already! There will be more exciting evolutions that the website will undergo as we continue to grow and expand in the coming months and years. THE UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE TOUR! The homepage is where you can access our latest news. You can read a bit about the members of our management team on the About Us page. On the industry pages, you can access the different services we provide for the following: • Insurance • Government • Real Estate and Development • Heritage • Laboratory Services You can even have a look at some of the projects we have been a part of in our portfolio. Curious about working for MBC? Have a look at our current career opportunities or submit a resume here. Want to streamline how you submit an assignment? Click here to skip the phone call or email. Don’t see your industry on the list? Have another question? You can visit out Contact Us page for any inquiries, big or small! WALKER PROJECTS OUR MOST RECENT ACQUISITION We were very thrilled to announce our acquisition of Walker Projects, an Engineering Consulting and Project Management firm in Regina, Saskatchewan, who has an impressive portfolio. You can visit their website to learn more about them. Didn’t see the announcement? Read it here.

MBC GROUP LAB HOW THINGS ARE GOING All the hard work of Robin Abel and his team has paid off. The lab doors have been open for a few months now and the team is growing, all in the effort to fully realize the vision that inspired the whole initiative. Already offering several professional analytical services, MBC’s lab team has big plans of more services to come as the lab and protocols become established. Check out our full laboratory service offerings here. THE TEAM OF LAB TECHNICIANS As the team grows, so does the scope of the lab and what they are capable. Here are the names behind the so far successful operation of our laboratory: Robin Abel – Director of R&D Chengmeng Sun – Lab Technician Patrick Milner – Lab Technician Shi-Jiuan Du – Lab Technician Jessica Amorim – Lab Technician Mark Sandercock – QA Report Reviewer A RAVE REVIEW FROM A CUSTOMER TO OUR BC ENVIRONMENTAL TEAM We pride ourselves in the work we do for our clients, and a successful outcome has always been our number one priority. So, when we hear from a client that our team is doing just that, it lets us know we are delivering on our promises. Here is a recent email we received: “I want to thank you for the services provided. In hindsight we could not have managed the complexities of a job like this and we are grateful we enlisted your expertise to oversee this project. I can’t say enough good things about Philip who was there to guide us at every turn and his conscientiousness to making sure the job was done right was most commendable. He is a great asset to your firm.” [mentioned in text: Philip Pow, Environmental Project Manager located in MBC’s New Westminster, BC office]

IN OTHER NEWS RECAP OF THE LAST FEW MONTHS AT MBC GROUP There seems to be more and more happening at MBC each quarter, and we are very grateful for our continual growth in the current climate. It’s nice to reflect on the changes, letting it all settle in and ground us for everything that is to come. Here is a highlight reel from the last quarter: The importance of education: Knowledge means reduced risks and increased ability to think outside of the box on a project. We place a strong importance on education here at MBC Group. This last quarter, we shared a radon awareness campaign and hosted a radon webinar. Our president, Ross Huartt, also hosted a sustainability webinar at a CIQS conference. Stay tuned for more educational initiatives! Up, up, and away: Having acquired Walker Projects, MBC Group has solidified our presence in the west. The leadership team is now focusing on Quebec and Ontario to grow our presence in the east. We have hired several individuals, are in meetings for further growth (stay tuned for more on this), and have engaged in new company organization initiatives to support our strategic vision. If you haven’t already, follow us to get all the latest news! ● f in WHAT’S THAT ACRONYM? CCA: THE CANADIAN CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION CCA is the acronym for the Canadian Construction Association. With over 20,000 member firms across Canada, they are an organization with significant reach and respect. Their Mission: “Inspire a progressive, innovative and sustainable construction industry that consistently acts with integrity.” Their Vision: “Build a better Canada.” The CCA represents and advocates on behalf of professionals working in or with the construction and industrial industries in Canada. They operate with a commitment to inclusion, sustainability, and progress to keep moving toward an improved future. According to the CCA, over 21% of the construction workforce is set to retire, and they aim to use the opportunity to inspire a more diverse and inclusive evolution in the industry. MEMBERSHIP WITH THE CCA With their core values at the forefront, the CCA hopes to strengthen their memberships even further in order increase the impact of their voice on issues within the industry. Membership with the CCA involves keeping informed and staying connected with the people involved and the issues facing the present and future of the construction industry in Canada. Learn more about the CCA on their website. to

TIPS FOR THE FALL FROM OUR EXPERTS As much as we hate to admit it, winter is right around the corner! Now is the time to take a few actions to ensure your home is winter ready. Here are a few tips to avoid major issues when the snow flies. Inspection is key Inspect your windows and doors for leaks, drafts, and damage to weather-stripping and caulk, both inside and outside. Avoid the drafts and reduce heating costs over winter! Inspect your roof for missing, damages or loose shingles. Eyeball the caulk around chimneys and air vents. If you do need repairs on your roof, ask the repairman to have a look while they are up there. Clean and tidy Clean out the gutters and downspouts of all leaves and debris. This will prevent snow and ice build-up which can result in water entering the home, or ice damming. Trim any bushes and trees which come into contact with wiring or powerlines. That last thing you want is electrical issues or damage to power on a very cold night! Turn off the water supply to any exterior water valves (usually located indoors). Take the hose off the spout and let the spout run to drain any excess water left in the pipes. Excess water can cause damage to pipes if it freezes. If you have sprinkler systems, don’t forget to turn them off as well. Housekeeping Have your furnace inspected and replace the air filter. An annual routine maintenance check can save you a lot of money in the long run (not to mention the waiting times of sometimes over a week to get someone out to repair it). thermostat, consider replacing it with a programmable one for efficiency and cost savings. Have your chimney swept by a professional to prevent house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning which can result from improperly maintained chimneys. Bonus Tip Turn the ceiling fans to run in reverse. Running the ceiling fan counterclockwise prevents hot air from rising, keeping the heat down low and right where you want it! If you have an old

STAY CONNECTED! f ● MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT ON BEHALF OF THE EXECUTIVE TEAM AT MBC GROUP If you follow me on LinkedIn, you’ll have seen I expressed recently that all the travel and time away from home, as well as my parental role have caught up with me. I think it’s important to share the other side of running and growing a national company, and I’ve been reflecting on the concept of growth coming out of imperfection. The low times, the times where we are not our best, when we rise to the challenge instead of giving up, are when we really flourish. The same philosophy applies to MBC Group and what we strive for. We center our growth around areas with room for improvement, both internally within the company, as well as in the industry. This mentality is widespread at MBC Group, down to how our staff approach each and every project. I am proud to be a part of such an inspired team and the leader of a company which never fails to recognize the opportunities that are ripe for the picking, if only enough motivation and drive is present. As we approach the end of our fiscal year and set our sights to next year, I can’t believe how time has flown, and how we have managed to not only navigate, but thrive in the current climate. There is no end in sight to the opportunities we are chasing, and I can’t wait to keep sharing our successes as our market share grows across the nation. Together with our clients and the professional relationships we hold to a high regard, 2022 is looking bright and prosperous. I want to extend a personal and heartfelt thank you, we can’t imagine doing what we do without all of your support. Sincerely, Ross Huartt, President and CEO

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