Our People. Our Expertise. Your Trusted Technical Resource. JULY 6TH, 2021 INSIDE THIS ISSUE PG. 2 An update on our Forensic Lab. PG. 3 Some advice from our experts to consider this summer. PG. 4 What’s that Acronym! CARST and CNRPP. PG. 5 A little more about radon and details on our free radon webinar. PG. 6 A message from our President. THE MBC VOICE As MBC Group embarks on some exciting initiatives in the coming years, one thing has become cemented the foundation of the company. It is our greatest mission to become an agent of change in the markets we serve. When we can provide more than just a service, ensuring our clients are educated and certain they are getting the best service available, everyone goes home happy. Our methods have been proven to save our clients time, money, and headaches on every assignment we take on. It all starts with one phone call to MBC Group, and four words on the other end of the line: How can we help?

FORENSIC LAB A SUMMER UPDATE We are pleased to announce our laboratory is in operating condition. After a few delays with construction due to COVID-19 health measures, renovations are complete, the walls and floors are shiny, and the first of our microscopes are in place. Our lab techs are now on scene and supporting our Environmental Consultants with asbestos air and fibre analysis, in conjunction with training and developing procedures and protocols for further methods of analysis, and the foundation for our upcoming innovative Research and Development projects. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT! For the remainder of 2021, our R&D department will be working hard to bring our clients an impressive array of laboratory analysis services. In the coming months, we will be preparing to offer asbestos bulk analysis and fire debris analysis, with a few other major analysis services following closely behind! While we are not quite ready for our big reveal, we are looking forward to hosting a safe and official opening to celebrate the hard work of our team! For now, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you’re curious! We’d be happy to hear from you. Make sure you’re keeping in touch by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest news announcements! and

SUMMER ADVICE IS YOUR HOUSE PROTECTED FROM WIND DAMAGE? With windstorm season in full force, it is hard to feel like you are in control when it comes to naturally occurring events. So, what steps can you take? One thing you can do is inspect your house and property for hazards that can be controlled. • Make sure all windows and doors are completely shut. This includes sheds and garages as well. • Make sure all loose outdoor items (ex. patio furniture, garbage bins, outdoor toys) are put away during days that have wind warnings. • Make sure your roof, gutters, and roof components (ex. chimney caps) are securely fastened. • Make sure your car is parked in a garage, or away from trees and powerlines during a windstorm. BUILDING ENVELOPE INSPECTIONS In March, MBC Group wrote a guest blog article on Building Envelope Inspections. We wanted to bring awareness to some of the issues property managers and owners are faced with. These issues, with a lack of maintenance or regular inspection, can result in long term and costly headaches down the road. Our biggest message is to be proactive. This is valid for many aspects of life. And with properties, we all know just how costly repairs can be, and how preventable they can be with a proper maintenance system in place. Do you know what a building envelope is, what signs that you look for yourself, and what professionals do to help you prevent future issues? Learn more by reading the full article here. AIR OUT YOUR HOUSE The blankets of snow are gone, and having been stuck mostly inside for over a year it is the perfect time to get that fresh air into your home. This is one of our Environmental department’s top tips and it’s free! Just crack those windows to let the air in, preferably two windows on opposite ends of a room to get a cross breeze. Try to do this daily for five to twenty minutes. This will ease the burden on your air filters and HVAC system which will ultimately extend their service life. People still need to be aware, however, of outdoor pollutants such as pollen or dust. Keep your eye on advisories and listed pollen levels and other air quality warnings in your weather app. Want more tips for air quality in your home or office? Click here.

WHAT’S THAT ACRONYM? CARST AND C-NRPP For this segment of What’s that Acronym, we’re looking at a couple leading Canadian radon agencies. CARST, also known as the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, is at the forefront of spreading awareness and education about radon. They provide resources and a platform for homeowners, professionals, and other interested parties to connect on matters surrounding radon. CARST members consist of a myriad of organizations, ranging from Government and Health Authorities to Cancer Agencies, Building Professionals, and more. Members attend an annual conference that focuses on education, offering speaking events from members and a full suite of continuing education courses for certified professionals. Our resident certified Radon Measurement Professional, Jeff Wright, attended the 2021 virtual conference in April. Click here to watch some of the great presentations. CARST strives to spread awareness about radon, its health effects, and how professionals mitigate radon. They are partnered with the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) to provide the necessary training for Radon Measurement Professionals and Radon Mitigation Specialists. Having a training program in place upholds the integrity and standards of practice for radon mitigation and measurement specialists. C-NRPP lists their certified professionals right on their website for accessibility to anyone requiring radon services. This ensures dependable solutions and accurate information for those seeking these services. Although it is not legislatively required to have these certifications, it is recommended that clients ask their service providers for proof or look them up on the C-NRPP to ensure they are receiving the highest standard of care. Click to learn more about CARST and C-NRPP. For more information about radon, be sure to sign up for our free radon awareness webinar on July 12th at 1:00pm MST. See information on Page 5.

DID YOU KNOW? THE DANGERS OF RADON Each Monday in June, we taught you a little bit about radon. Did you know about radon before that? Or was it just a word you had heard in passing and knew it had some kind of negative implications but weren’t sure exactly what? This is why MBC Group is passionate about education. Our experts strongly believe that the services we provide and the knowledge they possess implies a responsibility to contribute to awareness of those issues – for providing the tools people need to be better prepared. If you missed the posts, here is a summary of the facts we shared. Be sure to follow our socials for future awareness campaigns, and check out our blog for more useful information! A BIT ABOUT RADON Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. Research shows that children and smokers exposed to radon gas have a much greater risk of developing lung cancer. Lung cancer from radon is caused by radon gas being inhaled into the lungs. It breaks down and emits bursts of energy which damage the cells. According to Health Canada, the acceptable level of radon inside a structure is 200 Bq/m3. Radon legislations vary from province to province, but many provinces in Canada have adopted or are in the process of adopting the national building code requirements. Check out your local municipality to learn what the regulations are in your province! The only way to know if you have radon is by testing for it because it is invisible, odorless, and tasteless. Although levels vary significantly across the country, approximately 7% of homes in Canada have high levels of radon. Check out the Government of Canada’s radon map to determine if you reside in a region with particularly high levels. If you do, this does not necessarily mean you are at risk. Even in these areas, one structure may have high levels of radon, while the one right next to it does not. FREE RADON AWARENESS WEBINAR Want to learn more? We can help! Jeff Wright, our resident radon expert, is offering you his webinar for free. This webinar goes into more depth about: • Radon itself, where it comes from, and where it is most prevalent • Canadian guidelines surrounding radon • Radon measurement and monitoring • Mitigation of radon • Building Code for radon You will also have a chance to ask Jeff questions about radon. To sign up, click here and an invite will be sent back to you for July 12th at 1:00pm MST. No strings attached! Our radon course is also worth one credit in Alberta, BC, and Manitoba for general insurance brokers and insurance adjusters who need CE credits!

MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT ON BEHALF OF THE EXECUTIVE TEAM AT MBC GROUP This quarter has brought big and exciting changes to MBC Group. On June 1st, Marc Bourret, Founder and CEO of MBC Group retired from the company. Marc has played a critical role in the development and success of the organization. While his enthusiastic leadership and positive presence will be missed, MBC Group wishes him the best of luck in his retirement and new ventures. We want to thank him for the twenty-one years of dedicated service and highlight his many significant accomplishments and career milestones. I feel privileged to take the torch passed from Marc and am looking forward to honouring his legacy at MBC Group while propelling it into its future stages. I am very excited to be leading the MBC team and build upon our current successes as we continue to grow. MBC Group has a great business model and talented management team that uniquely positions it to capitalize on the changing insurance business environment. As the industry evolves through restructuring, consolidation, and technology migrations, MBC Group is in a unique position to provide a quality, cost effective, and timely delivery of products and services to help our customers efficiently manage their networks and maximize their budgets. MBC Group wouldn’t be as successful as it is without our tremendous clients who inspire us to keep striving for more. It has always been our mission to exceed industry standards. We have done this through exploring innovative new solutions for our clients. We can’t wait to continue our journey, strengthening existing relationships and forging new ones. Sincerely, Ross Huartt, President and CEO

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