Our People. Our Expertise. Your Trusted Technical Resource. APRIL 6TH, 2021 INSIDE THIS ISSUE PG. 2 Forensic lab update PG. 3 Increasing BC presence MBC online! PG. 4 A bit about the ACAC PG. 5 Things to consider this Spring! PG. 6 A message from our President THE MBC VOICE We’ve made great progress on the global front, with MBC Group establishing our Engineering and Environmental capabilities throughout British Columbia. The most recent strategic acquisitions have come at a pivotal moment where the organization’s expansion plans span across to the rest of Canada (and beyond). Stay tuned for more news and updates by following us on social media, checking our website on a regular basis and keep an eye out for the next issue of our quarterly newsletter to see what we get up to next!

FORENSIC LAB UPDATE ON THE HOME STRETCH! Spring has arrived, and our team of scientists led by Dr. Robin Abel has been working incredibly hard. What they have managed to achieve in such a short period of time is nothing short of impressive! The initial goal of the lab is to complete asbestos air and bulk samples in support of our Environmental team. Over the coming months and beyond, our lab techs will be preparing the lab for a greater service offering to our clients. Fire debris analysis is not far off, and will be followed thereafter by lead sample analysis, mould, hazardous materials, and a vast suite of specialty analysis for multiple industries. The lab will concurrently begin their research and development projects, namely striving to automate certain tasks that currently require human involvement using machine-learning technology. STAY TUNED AND KEEP IN TOUCH! Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for ongoing updates and exciting announcements about the lab and the exciting initiatives coming out of it! If you have questions, or if you are a current client and wonder how this changes things for you, please reach out to Naomi Myers, our Director of National Services, at naomi.myers@mbc-group.ca.

INCREASING BC PRESENCE SURE HAZMAT LABORATORY MBC Group has established a new division capable of handling forensic testing and analysis thanks to the recent acquisition of Sure Hazmat and Testing in Burnaby, BC. With this new venture, we can now deliver services such as hazardous materials identification, assessment, and management, to provide a healthy and safe environment for workers and families. READ MORE + HAVE YOU MET JEFF? Jeffrey Ng, a talented Cost Consultant from our Calgary office has recently moved to Vancouver, BC to strengthen our cost consulting services on the coast and throughout BC. Jeff is a detail-oriented hard worker who provides top-quality service on every project in which he is involved. He is a strong team player who finds creative solutions to complex problems, while promoting a collaborative experience for all stakeholders. Jeff will be servicing the metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, and you can get in touch with him at jeffrey.ng@mbc-group.ca or 1-250-255-3378! MBC ONLINE! EXPERT SPOTLIGHTS Have you been getting to know our experts? If you haven’t had a chance to read our spotlight series that highlights a new expert each month, have a look here. LEARN MORE + BUILDING ENVELOPE INSPECTIONS Unsure if your building is up-to-code? Click below to learn about what to expect to help keep you and your property safe! READ MORE + MBC RESOURCES This year has some exciting things in store! To give back to our community, we will be releasing resources and content that will help. Give us a follow and stay tuned to our website to learn about what MBC Group is up to and to learn about the more technical aspects of your projects! CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE +

WHAT’S THAT ACRONYM! AMERICAN COUNCIL ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION This quarter, in honor of Dennis French, our VP of Environmental Services, gaining a seat on their board, we’re introducing you to the American Council of Accredited Certification. If you haven’t heard of them, the ACAC is a worldwide organization that was founded in 1992 which oversees certifications and provides training for individuals in the indoor air quality (IAQ) and restoration contracting fields. The ACAC is not just any certification body. They are the only IAQ certifying organization that is accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). Dennis will be part of the committee who reviews and decides who will be accepted for the Indoor Environmental certificates. This committee is also responsible for upholding the integrity of certified individuals, reviewing any grievances or complaints against a certified member. The council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) certification, for example, is a designation a few of MBC’s Senior Environmental Consultants hold. It requires active participation in the field and in projects, as well as 20 hours of continuing education every two years. There is a strong push in this organization towards proficiency and due diligence and difficult exams, to ensure only qualified, educated, and experienced individuals are approved. Dennis will also be involved in looking at where the standards for the IAQ and restoration contractor industries are today, and how they need to adapt and evolve as the air quality industry changes. For example, as we get more information about covid, how do we have to incorporate and understand matters involved with biological contaminants and how to better protect the health and safety of anyone in any workplace. Being on the board of the ACAC ensures that Dennis has a part to play in the broader industry. He has always shown a passionate drive for challenging standards in the IAQ industry and educating professionals in whatever way possible, offering courses he created about various hazardous materials, and for asbestos abatement workers. With over 30 years of experience in the field, having been an expert witness in many cases, and holding these designations himself, Dennis is looking forward to participating in ensuring the health of this organization. He has seen a lot of organizations over the years put too much of an emphasis on the dollars and cents rather than the quality of the product or service they are putting their name behind. The ACAC has quality and standards that they strongly believe in and actively uphold. Check out this link to learn who is certified at MBC Group, and then explore the site to get to know ACAC even more!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG Spring is often a time we associate with rebirth, getting rid of clutter through a big spring clean. We are all emerging from our homes now that the weather is improving, since we have spent a lot more time in them! It is also a great time to look at the state of our homes or the structures we are responsible for. We asked our experts about a few things people can do this Spring to check in on the state of their homes, properties they manage, or their businesses. It’s always a good idea to be proactive and take some time to walk around and look for these telltale signs, before they become even bigger issues! ICE DAMMING A risk to homes in the spring is the snow packed on roofs that melts during the day and freezes at night as the temperature gets below zero. This has the potential to build up an ice layer in the edge of the roof where the gutter is, as the ice melts and freezes, and melts and freezes. The layer can grow thicker and thicker until it eventually begins to enter your home or building. What can you do? Check the thawing of the snow, ensure it is melting and draining properly. This can all be dependent on the weather, so ensure you are aware, stay ahead of the risks, and call us if you have concerns or questions. WEEPING TILE SYSTEMS Another problem that can arise from water run-off from the roof is that the water can start to build up in your gutter. If your gutter is already backed up with materials, the water can cause a lot of water damage to a weeping tile system. Our experts recommend hiring a professional to annually clean the weeping tile system. This only costs a few hundred dollars, whereas damaged weeping tile systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair in worse case scenarios. It is very much worth the annual investment! CRACKS IN YOUR FOUNDATION Make sure to walk around the exterior of your home or building to inspect for cracks in the foundation. If left unobserved, this can lead to water ingress, and in serious cases can results in mould growth. In case you are not aware, this is something that is not typically covered by insurance, so it is good to stay on top of this issue! If you do find cracks, it does not mean doom or gloom. Our experts recommend documenting with photos and monitoring the situation to see if those cracks are getting bigger. If you are concerned or unsure, our consultants are available anytime, anywhere to come out for an inspection!

MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT ON BEHALF OF THE EXECUTIVE TEAM AT MBC GROUP Trust is the first word that comes to mind when we think of our loyal clients. They have come to trust the MBC brand and understand that we always aim to deliver on quality. Whether it be from our humble beginnings as an Insurance Valuation firm to our 21-year transformation into the multidisciplinary Engineering firm we are today. None of this would have been possible without the feedback, support and trust we continually seek out to ensure continuous improvement. Covid has presented a difficult business environment across Canada for many industries and as we see the vaccine roll out program, here’s hoping the end is in sight. Despite the difficulties we have all faced, this pandemic has been transformative for many industries including Construction, Development and Insurance. The advancement of technology has been a major trend across the industries we serve. It has shown just how important organizational and corporate agility are when responding to unplanned events. Luckily, MBC Group has always been in the business of responding to unplanned events and we have managed to sustain our growth through 2020. At the forefront is the creation of our Research & Development department, spearheaded by Dr Robin Abel. The first program we have initiated is the construction of two MBC Forensic Analytical Laboratories located in Edmonton and Montreal which will be fully operational and serving clients by this fall. Indoor air quality and occupational hygiene has never been more important in the built environment than it is today with the unseen risks so apparent. Our expanding R&D team has their eyes firmly set on our first Artificial Intelligence initiative that I’m excited to share with our valued clients. The innovative culture MBC has developed wouldn’t be possible without the belief in our company that comes from the people we serve both internally and externally. The future is bright at MBC and we are continuing to focus on growth while we introduce new and unique service offerings that offer significant value to our clients. Our team is passionate about bringing our clients services that extend beyond just what is asked of us, because the success of our clients has a direct impact on our own. With warm regards, Ross Huartt, President

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