FROM THE FOUNDER OF LIBERTY YOUTH RANCH POINTS of LIGHT In this edition of our Liberty Lifeline, we are celebrating two of our Ranch house parent couples. All parents can agree that both the rewards and challenges of parenting are immeasurable. While the challenging days may seem daunting, equally, raising children and watching them grow up to be strong and capable adults… there is perhaps no greater reward in life! We are immeasurably blessed with house parent couples that welcome vulnerable boys and girls into their hearts and our Ranch homes, embracing each child with unconditional love and support. Barry and Ginny Blankenship live in our girls’ home, the Christy Home. Jeff and Mary Blake live in our boys’ home, the Hinman Home. They have collectively raised up to sixteen girls and boys each year for the past eight consecutive years. Their tenure far exceeds the national average of 18 months. Words cannot quantitate the magnitude of the generational impact they have had through their many years of successive service. Children need to feel loved, cared about, and safe. House parents are married couples who live year around in the beautiful family-style homes located on our 156 acre peaceful campus. This is not a typical 8am to 5pm job (or shiftwork) – this is a life’s calling! They support and oversee the boys and girls personal and academic lives, in the same way a parent or guardian would. Social science studies overwhelmingly show that children with parental involvement from both mom and dad do significantly better in school, are less likely to become juvenile delinquents, and are more likely to hold and maintain successful jobs into adulthood. The Blankenships and Blakes are intentional with the time they have to “parent” and to raise the children in their care. Each family gathers at the dinner table daily to enjoy a meal and to talk – some evenings about dating and school projects and other evenings about current events and sports. They end each day with a devotion, prayers, and sharing their daily highs and lows. The family attends church together, supports each other’s interests, and celebrates... Mailing Address: Post Office Box 366206 | Bonita Springs, Florida 34136 Physical Address: 24900 Liberty Youth Ranch Way | Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 239.597.7070 Phone | 239.992.1432 Fax | Info@LibertyYouthRanch.org | LibertyYouthRanch.org

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