Honorariums and Memorials A gift may be made to the Liberty Youth Ranch in honor or memory of a special person or occasion by using the reply envelope enclosed. If appropriate, and if a mailing address has been given, an acknowledgement card will be sent to the person or family noted. Contributions received are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the honored or deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory or honor they were contributed. We regret the unintentional omission or misspelling of names on these lists. IN HONOR OF: Ms. Monica Berman Mrs. Debbie Delforte Mr. William H. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Reynolds Mr. Michael Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Barrie Bratt Mrs. Cherrill Cregar Mrs. Kristin Nelson Mr. and Mrs. George & Jill Ebel Mr. and Mrs. George & Shirley Ebel Dorothy Glover and Girard College Mrs. and Mrs. William D. Grafflin Mr. and Mrs. John McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harvey Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. Dan Parker Mrs. Wilma T. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaffee Mr. Richard Pence Mr. and Mrs. Billy Birch Ms. Debbie Smith Mrs. Patti Sutula Mrs. Katherine Dimmitt Ms. Brenda Dimmitt Charles S. Eby, M.D. Mrs. Janet Eby Mrs. Kristin Farrell Mrs. Karen Koentopf The Secret of a Legacy What legacy would you like to leave the world? That's a big question and one that inspires much thinking and soul-searching. How will you be remembered? What lasting presence will you leave behind? While we know that death and taxes are sure, we can affect future generations now – one child at a time. We ask that you consider leaving a bequest to Liberty Youth Ranch and help us continue the ministry work of giving children the chance they deserve. Contact our office for more information at 239.597.7070 or email: Admin@LibertyYouthRanch.org IN MEMORY OF: Loved Ones Mr. and Mrs. Richard Portors My Parents Mr. Wallace Faber Mrs. Carole C. Bouquet Mr. Andre Bouquet Mrs. Kathy Bates-Chick Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bates Mr. Michael T. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brady Mrs. Margaret Christman Mr. Garold Christman Mrs. Polly Crews Mrs. Marilyn Evers Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dimmitt Mr. Charlie Dimmitt Ms. Brenda Dimmitt Mr. and Mrs. David John Giannobile Mr. and Mrs. Ted Giannobile Mrs. Sophie W. Gorski Mr. Eugene Gorski Ms. Ruth Gulling Ms. Carol Grandfield Ms. Joan (Stoddard) Robertson Mrs. Eleanor Gunter Mrs. Sharon Delawder Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Harris Ms. Sally Welt Mr. Richard Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hughes Mrs. Belvaree Jones Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jones The Joyce Family Mrs. Dorothy Ketterer Mrs. Betty Kantlehner Mr. Robert Kantlehner Mr. William A. Kantlehner, Jr. Mr. Robert Kantlehner Mr. Robert S. Kenison Mrs. Anne Kenison Mr. David Koentopf Mrs. Karen Koentopf Mrs. Mary Pampalona Mr. and Mrs. Matt Maniace Mr. John A. Pulling, Sr. Ms. Carol McCauley Mr. Warren Rothwell Mrs. Cathy Rothwell Mr. George Tolbert Mrs. Shirley A. Tolbert Mr. “Spunky” Tutterrow Mrs. Keri Tutterrow Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dimmitt Mr. Rod Vining Mrs. Elizabeth P. Vining Mrs. Leota Weston Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Higginson Mrs. Rose Marie Zichichi Mrs. Kimberly Barraco Mr. Ray Lehman Mrs. Mary Ann Lehman Mr. and Mrs.Dom Mariano Mrs. Kathy DeVasto Mr. Vincent Murphy Mrs. Anne Murphy

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