LIBERTY LIFELINE | 2019 Alan and Angela Dimmitt, Founders

FROM THE FOUNDER OF LIBERTY YOUTH RANCH POINTS of LIGHT In this edition of our Liberty Lifeline, we are celebrating two of our Ranch house parent couples. All parents can agree that both the rewards and challenges of parenting are immeasurable. While the challenging days may seem daunting, equally, raising children and watching them grow up to be strong and capable adults… there is perhaps no greater reward in life! We are immeasurably blessed with house parent couples that welcome vulnerable boys and girls into their hearts and our Ranch homes, embracing each child with unconditional love and support. Barry and Ginny Blankenship live in our girls’ home, the Christy Home. Jeff and Mary Blake live in our boys’ home, the Hinman Home. They have collectively raised up to sixteen girls and boys each year for the past eight consecutive years. Their tenure far exceeds the national average of 18 months. Words cannot quantitate the magnitude of the generational impact they have had through their many years of successive service. Children need to feel loved, cared about, and safe. House parents are married couples who live year around in the beautiful family-style homes located on our 156 acre peaceful campus. This is not a typical 8am to 5pm job (or shiftwork) – this is a life’s calling! They support and oversee the boys and girls personal and academic lives, in the same way a parent or guardian would. Social science studies overwhelmingly show that children with parental involvement from both mom and dad do significantly better in school, are less likely to become juvenile delinquents, and are more likely to hold and maintain successful jobs into adulthood. The Blankenships and Blakes are intentional with the time they have to “parent” and to raise the children in their care. Each family gathers at the dinner table daily to enjoy a meal and to talk – some evenings about dating and school projects and other evenings about current events and sports. They end each day with a devotion, prayers, and sharing their daily highs and lows. The family attends church together, supports each other’s interests, and celebrates... Mailing Address: Post Office Box 366206 | Bonita Springs, Florida 34136 Physical Address: 24900 Liberty Youth Ranch Way | Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 239.597.7070 Phone | 239.992.1432 Fax | Info@LibertyYouthRanch.org | LibertyYouthRanch.org

...birthdays, holidays, and accomplishments. It is challenging to monetize the 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year investment that goes into this full-time residential care and ministry. Pages 6 and 7 will provide you a snapshot into daily life at the Ranch. Married couples do not just accept paid employment when they join the Ranch as house parents, but accept a lifestyle of selfless service. They tirelessly provide grace, accountability, encouragement, and Godly wisdom to the children they raise. While Ginny and Barry & Mary and Jeff would say that the kids in our homes have blessed them beyond measure, it is undeniable that because of their selfless, unconditional love, lives have been changed for generations and for eternity. For the Children, Alan C. Dimmitt, MPA Founder and President/CEO P.S. Please keep the Blakes and Blankenships in your daily prayers of thanksgiving for their continued service. As we expand our program, if you share this life’s calling and Christian mission of service to vulnerable children, prayerfully consider contacting us to learn more about our house parent opportunities. *All inquiries can be emailed directly to: HR@LibertyYouthRanch.org 3

“It is a faith filled journey being involved with this life changing ministry, first as volunteers, and now as house parents. We are blessed to nurture and love these children as our very own. It is rewarding transforming childhoods and having a hand in making generational impacts.” – Barry and Ginny, Girls' House Parents

“We enjoy the special role we are able to play in the lives of the children we have the privilege of raising at the Ranch. We especially like watching the children grow in faith, academics and leadership. They fill our hearts to overflowing.” – Jeff and Mary, Boys' House Parents

A Day in the Life of Liberty Youth Ranch... Brush your teeth Wake up and brush! Healthy habits are taught along with routine visits to the doctor and dentist. Off to school All aboard! Our kids attend school, strive for excellent grades and experience significant educational gains. Their achievements motivate everyone to keep working hard. 24/7/365 Dad leaves for work Have a good day, dad! Our Ranch fathers maintain jobs in the community. For some of our children, this may be the first time they’ve watched a father head to work for the day. In time, all our children understand the value of contributing to society. Extracurriculars, sports and service When school’s out, the fun continues! We’re proud to have football players, Junior R.O.T.C. members and church volunteers at the Ranch. They are learning teamwork and developing important social skills.

There’s nothing quite like seeing our children’s smiling faces when they come home from school or catch a big fish in our 64-acre lake. Even when they fall off their bike and scrape their knee, we know they’re getting the experiences we all remember about growing up. But it’s not just fun and games at the Ranch. It’s thinking through the little things — right down to the dishware — and incorporating healthy actions into everyday life. Our routines help our children grow emotionally and spiritually, and also achieve personal independence. Come home and do homework Circle of trust Time to get serious! We set aside a portion of each day for studying. If someone needs extra help, Ranch parents or additional tutors are there for assistance— even brothers and sisters help. Let’s talk about it. Every evening, we gather to discuss the day. It’s inspiring to watch the children encourage and build each other up — they truly become a family. Lights out, sleep tight Enjoy family dinner Seconds, please! The kitchen is designed so the boys and girls can help cook each day’s healthy options. Everyone gets a seat at our table. Prayers and bedtime Now I lay me down to sleep. Teeth brushed and prayers said, our children head off to bed. As duties become habits, the boys and girls understand the benefits of a healthy physical and spiritual life.

We help boys and girls build a stable foundation as we care for every aspect of a child’s life.

Liberty Youth Ranch’s residential program is committed to helping children succeed through healthy physical and emotional development, solid academic preparation, strong work ethic, and spiritual nourishment. EDUCATION We help children realize education is a way to a better future, and along the way they find fulfillment in their studies and accomplishments. Children bridge academic deficits and achieve success through: • one-on-one tutoring • school and home partnership • accountability • summer enrichment Our Integrated Program HOMELIFE Children are raised by house parents, a married husband and wife couple that lives in the home year around, providing unconditional love and guidance to the children in their care. Boys and girls are taught: • everyday life skills • healthy family interactions • financial stewardship • budgeting • time management • work ethic COUNSELING We are committed to raising children who can integrate their past experiences into their lives, maintain connections with their communities, achieve lasting and meaningful relationships, and thrive at home, in school, and the workplace. This may include: • individual counseling • group counseling • educational support SPIRITUAL LIFE Faith is a fundamental aspect of Ranch life. Each boy and girl are provided individual and family opportunities to develop spiritually through: • nightly family devotions • church activities • youth group • mentoring

The Year In Review 64% General Contributions REVENUE SOURCES DID YOU KNOW Liberty Youth Ranch accepts NO state or federal funding? DEBT-FREE The Liberty Youth Ranch campus has operated debtfree since its program's inception. As we expand, we begin each phase when all funding is secure. 100% of boys and girls were promoted to the next grade level 89% of boys and girls have a sibling served by Liberty Youth Ranch 77% Children’s Care & Programs The care of our children is our first priority. We invested 77% of gifts into the children’s care and programs, far exceeding the 65% standard set forth under national ethics guidelines for nonprofit organizations. WHERE WE’VE INVESTED YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS 17 YEARS Liberty Youth Ranch has been 100% privately funded since establishment and has had a balanced operating budget every year. 5% Legacy & Memorial 26% Upscale Shop 5% Other Income 18 months is the national average tenure for house parents. The Liberty Youth Ranch is 8 years. 1,844 average days a child is raised at Liberty Youth Ranch 11% 12% Fundraising Administrative Liberty Youth Ranch, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. We are 100% privately funded and rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations, foundations and churches who believe in our mission. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and greatly appreciated. Federal Tax ID #38-3674666.

Your gift PROVIDES A BETTER LIFE AND A BETTER FUTURE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. Your generosity helps our children realize their full potential. You can give a one-time donation, set up a recurring gift, or give in honor of a loved one.

faith hope future

Honorariums and Memorials A gift may be made to the Liberty Youth Ranch in honor or memory of a special person or occasion by using the reply envelope enclosed. If appropriate, and if a mailing address has been given, an acknowledgement card will be sent to the person or family noted. Contributions received are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the honored or deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory or honor they were contributed. We regret the unintentional omission or misspelling of names on these lists. IN HONOR OF: Ms. Monica Berman Mrs. Debbie Delforte Mr. William H. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Reynolds Mr. Michael Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Barrie Bratt Mrs. Cherrill Cregar Mrs. Kristin Nelson Mr. and Mrs. George & Jill Ebel Mr. and Mrs. George & Shirley Ebel Dorothy Glover and Girard College Mrs. and Mrs. William D. Grafflin Mr. and Mrs. John McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harvey Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. Dan Parker Mrs. Wilma T. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaffee Mr. Richard Pence Mr. and Mrs. Billy Birch Ms. Debbie Smith Mrs. Patti Sutula Mrs. Katherine Dimmitt Ms. Brenda Dimmitt Charles S. Eby, M.D. Mrs. Janet Eby Mrs. Kristin Farrell Mrs. Karen Koentopf The Secret of a Legacy What legacy would you like to leave the world? That's a big question and one that inspires much thinking and soul-searching. How will you be remembered? What lasting presence will you leave behind? While we know that death and taxes are sure, we can affect future generations now – one child at a time. We ask that you consider leaving a bequest to Liberty Youth Ranch and help us continue the ministry work of giving children the chance they deserve. Contact our office for more information at 239.597.7070 or email: Admin@LibertyYouthRanch.org IN MEMORY OF: Loved Ones Mr. and Mrs. Richard Portors My Parents Mr. Wallace Faber Mrs. Carole C. Bouquet Mr. Andre Bouquet Mrs. Kathy Bates-Chick Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bates Mr. Michael T. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brady Mrs. Margaret Christman Mr. Garold Christman Mrs. Polly Crews Mrs. Marilyn Evers Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dimmitt Mr. Charlie Dimmitt Ms. Brenda Dimmitt Mr. and Mrs. David John Giannobile Mr. and Mrs. Ted Giannobile Mrs. Sophie W. Gorski Mr. Eugene Gorski Ms. Ruth Gulling Ms. Carol Grandfield Ms. Joan (Stoddard) Robertson Mrs. Eleanor Gunter Mrs. Sharon Delawder Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Harris Ms. Sally Welt Mr. Richard Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hughes Mrs. Belvaree Jones Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jones The Joyce Family Mrs. Dorothy Ketterer Mrs. Betty Kantlehner Mr. Robert Kantlehner Mr. William A. Kantlehner, Jr. Mr. Robert Kantlehner Mr. Robert S. Kenison Mrs. Anne Kenison Mr. David Koentopf Mrs. Karen Koentopf Mrs. Mary Pampalona Mr. and Mrs. Matt Maniace Mr. John A. Pulling, Sr. Ms. Carol McCauley Mr. Warren Rothwell Mrs. Cathy Rothwell Mr. George Tolbert Mrs. Shirley A. Tolbert Mr. “Spunky” Tutterrow Mrs. Keri Tutterrow Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dimmitt Mr. Rod Vining Mrs. Elizabeth P. Vining Mrs. Leota Weston Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Higginson Mrs. Rose Marie Zichichi Mrs. Kimberly Barraco Mr. Ray Lehman Mrs. Mary Ann Lehman Mr. and Mrs.Dom Mariano Mrs. Kathy DeVasto Mr. Vincent Murphy Mrs. Anne Murphy

Post Office Box 366206 Bonita Springs, Florida 34136 SHOP • VOLUNTEER • DONATE • CONSIGN There are many ways to support the Ranch. If you are looking for furniture or home accessories, please visit our Liberty Youth Ranch Upscale Shop to browse our 8,300 sq. ft. showroom. If you have items you would like to donate or consign, please email Shop@LibertyYouthRanch.org or phone 239-947-SHOP (7467) to arrange your tax-deductible donation. STORE HOURS Monday–Friday: 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm 27870 Old 41 Road I Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

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