Holistic approach Online consultations Affordable payment plans Our own range of flower essence blends Keen interest in kids health and mental health "The Complete Package Naturopath was created to help bring natural medicine to all Aussies. I know what its like to do it tough and I know what it is like to live where so many services are not available. I see and hear so many people go without the help they need because they either can’t afford it or they just can’t physically access it. So, to bridge that gap, I became the change I wanted to see. With online consulting and flexible payment plans for packages that are unique to you and your situation, I hope to fill that void for some. While I have a special interest in children’s health and mental health, family health is what I am all about. So what are you waiting for... lets start your journey of great health !" LOVE OF HOME | 2020 October Shopping Guide

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