Planning for the unexpected, when the unexpected is uncertainty I think right now we’re all focused on surviving COVID-19 … both in our health and that of our loved ones, and in our business survival! One thing we all have in common is that we are small business owners and our business plans for present and future depend on us bringing in an income. We all need to think laterally and quite out of the box, and we've already sen so many businesses move quickly to do just that. New ways of working, studying, and connecting are part of our daily lives just two weeks into Australia's progression to business closures and self-isolation. As a business owner, use time to embrace and re-invent yourself! Just about every bricks and mortar/face-to-face business can move to the online space in some capacity, you just need to work out how and what! The measures you adopt might be long term, or they might be just until this is all over. It’s also important to make sure you keep a presence … be seen, to be remembered. We all need to continue to bring in the $ to support ourselves and our families – how we do that needs a new way of thinking. We’re all in this together! Sometimes it's really hard to get your head around what you want to achieve, where you're going, and how to get there. Other times you might feel as though you are sinking and overwhelmed with trying to find clients, grow your business, and are not sure that you’re on the right path. I can help you with all of that! As a small business owner of over 30 years I’ve experienced all of that myself, and I've been able to help countless business owners think outside the box and make positive changes to their business ... creatively and successfully! What helps is a ‘friend’ who can help you identify your strengths, and your weaknesses (yep, we all have them! ) to get you heading back in the direction you need to go - working through a specific problem and clearing the white noise together to get your business back on track! I’ve re-opened my calendar for the next four weeks for Consult Chats. I offer a 45-minute session via Zoom or by phone with consult notes provided afterwards. Usually a Consult Chat session is $95 but in this current climate of uncertainty I’ve put up a $50 discount code (use TOGETHER at checkout), AND if you like what we’ve discussed and would like me or my team to work with you on getting some of them (or all) actioned you’ll also receive 50% of your consult fee off your first invoice. There is absolutely no expectation on you to engage my service after the consult … if you just need the consult to bounce ideas and get your head around some options, that’s fine! But, if you want to go further, the option is there. Let’s get your business into survive and thrive mode! Jodie x Love of Home click here CONSULT CHAT to book your

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