FOXES DEN COFFEE TABLE mr fox in a box A uniquely designed coffee table that allows you to transform from a garden bed to a drink cooler when entertaining guests. The Foxes Den Coffee Table is made from Merbau and is 157cm long. Sides are finished with a hand rub oil to give extra protection and a smoother finish with stainless steel screws and bolts used in the assembly. Colorbond panels are available in a wide range of colours. Ideally suited for a larger open space but can also be utilised as a petition to create two separate entertainment areas. Every image is linked to the sellers website click the images to shop CUSTOM TILE HOUSE NAMES & NUMBERS l i tttle house in the val ley Personalise your home with a custom tile house number or sign from Little House in the Valley. All our signs are custom designed and locally made just for you! from $85 Shipping is additional and will be shown at checkout PayPal | Credit Card $140 Shipping is additional and will be shown at checkout AfterPay | PayPal | Credit Card LOVE OF HOME | 2020 May Shopping Guide

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