CUSTOM MADE FELTED DOGS wi ld wool l y heads Custom made miniature replica of your dog. Made from 100% Aussie/NZ wools, glass eyes and hand crafted noses. Each dog is heirloom quality and is the perfect gift as a memorial to a passed dog. Our dogs help people through grief, hospital stays, downsizing, your name 'mini me' is a fun, thoughtful gift for the people who has everything, or is just crazy about their dog. $350 Discount code: LOVEMUMS 30% off (includes gift certificates) Valid to midnight 9 May 2020 Free shipping Australia-wide PayPal | Credit Card BLOOM AFFIRMATION CARDS kind cards Kind Cards is here to remind us what self-love is! Bloom is a set of affirmation cards designed to encourage self-care and personal growth to allow you to blossom into the beautiful flower that you are. $24 Discount code: TOGETHER 20% off Valid until midnight 31 May 2020 Shipping is additional and will be calculated at checkout PayPal | Credit Card DIAMOND DOTZ® SPARKLE STICKERS south bri sbane handicrafts Diamond Dotz® is the only brand in the world to be certified safe & non-toxic according to Australian, European and American standards. The craft is similar to paint by numbers and tapestry without the needles and threading. $20 Free shipping Australia-wide AfterPay | PayPal | Credit Card LOVE OF HOME | 2020 May Shopping Guide Every image is linked to the sellers website click the images to shop

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