Behind the Brand CATHERINE & NEIL THOMPSON eoswel lbeing Situated in Bondi Beach, Eoswellbeing was founded by Catherine and Neil Thompson. After travelling to Greece to immerse themselves in Catherine’s Greek heritage, they had the joy of regularly experiencing Greek herbal tea. A desire was formed to bring the potent teas of Greece to everyone and thus provided the inspiration to create the company and share the wonderful benefits of the tea with others. Eoswellbeing’s mission is to source the highest grade herbal Greek teas so you too can experience the magic of Greece. Eoswellbeing is named after “Eos”, the goddess of the rising sun - symbolising a new awakening of health and wellbeing. "Natural living and sustainability are very important to us and our incredible tea is a reflection of this. Our tea is herbal, loose leaf, organic and wild, native to and grown in Greece. We work with small scale suppliers who pick the herbs by hand and dry them using natural methods, ensuring that the herbs are in their natural pure state. No chemicals, additives, pesticides or artificial ingredients are used. We also make sure that they are not irradiated when coming through customs in Australia." Eoswellbeing tea is unlike any other you have tried - it is made of herbs native to Greece that are robust, potent and brimming with health benefits. Greek herbal tea has been enjoyed since ancient times and was prescribed by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Catherine and Neil source only the best quality herbs to ensure a full bodied taste and an uplifting, refreshing experience. You’ll also find Eoswellbeing on Facebook and Instagram. LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Apr Shopping Guide

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