Behind the Brand REBECCA JONES the complete naturopath The Complete Package Naturopath was established by Bec Jones as a way to help all Australians access natural health and wellbeing services regardless of location or financial situation. She maintains a special interest in children's health and mental health but will work with anyone with any health concerns. After an accident in 2015 left Bec unable to perform her duties as a remedial massage therapist she was left trying to decide what to do next: "I had heard many stories of natural medicine being able to help people, but our town had no access to anyone. I considered herbal medicine and I considered nutritional medicine and couldn’t decide between the two so I studied naturopathy - which is a combination of both - as well as iridology, homeopathy and flower essences. Yet I wanted to be different to every other naturopath. There is a massive percentage of Australians that can’t access naturopathy either due to finances or location. I wanted to see that change. Offering online consultations was the obvious answer to the physical aspect and with some negotiating with my association and insurance company, I got approval to practice my business in this previously uncommon manner (COVID-19 has now made 'distance treatment' much more mainstream and acceptable). To help make good health affordable Bec offers packages and payment plans that work for her clients. It's important to Bec that everyone gets the help they need! Bec's keen interest in kids health and mental health led her to develop a range of flower essence blends using essences that have been traditionally used for many different emotional states. Flower essences are an extremely safe approach for all ages and she can make custom blends unique to each client. I'm also about to release a range of products targeted at common complaints we see in kids – this will include creams, teas and drops. LOVE OF HOME | 2020 May Shopping Guide

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