Behind the Brand DEBRA NELLESSEN cosmedic queen Cosmedic Queen is a small family business focusing on natural skincare and beauty products that do not contain any animal derived products and they can also guarantee no animal testing for their products. Business owner Deb has dedicated nearly two decades to the beauty movement, including qualifications in beauty therapy and personal care formulating as well as extensive studies in aromatherapy. Deb tells us: "I was concerned about particular ingredients and testing methods used to ensure the safety of makeup. It was this concern that led me to investigate how to create beautiful natural makeup products without animal testing. I then used my background knowledge of skin and beauty to further my passion for creating all things to do with natural skincare. My white label loose mineral makeup business was launched in 2015, then in 2019 I decided to refresh and rebrand and Cosmedic Queen was established. Cosmedic Queen is dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring people to create their own loose mineral eyeshadow and blush colours. We advocate a community of inclusivity and encourage others to work toward self love, self acceptance and to boldly live and celebrate their own unique identity. We focus on helping people create products that are as unique as they are. We are committed to utilising only minimal ingredients and avoid any testing on animals. None of our ingredients contain any animal derived products in them. But mostly we are here to help people look and feel good." Learn to create your own mineral eyeshadows and blushes ONLINE with Deb's Makeup Creators Academy! LOVE OF HOME | 2020 May Shopping Guide

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