DESIGNER WATERPROOF PICNIC BLANKET upper notch cl ub Designed in Bondi, Australia these picnic rugs are 100% waterproof, durable and machine washable! Ever ready for abundant picnics, sticky fingers, love and laughter, these waterproof picnic blankets are a perfect companion for outdoor lifestyle in Australia, for fun at the beach, park, out camping or in the backyard. $151 Discount code: LOVEOFHOME10 10% off all salt infusions Valid until midnight 30 March 2020 Free shipping Australia-wide AfterPay | PayPal | Credit Card In Her Element Picnic Rugs are available in 4 designs, inspired by the intricate patterns of rock formations created by nature over thousands of years. Each design reflects a different element: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Foldable picnic rugs are simple to pack away, just fold in half and in half again, roll into a cylinder and click the two clips together, an adjustable shoulder strap will keep your hands free. Every image is linked to the sellers website REFILLABLE CANDLES oh my candles We are a small business with a single mission "to never throw a candle jar away again"with candle refills. Candle refill blocks are a refreshing way to refill candle jars without having to ship anything back. Simple, no frills and eco-friendly luxury for homes. $19 Discount code: DELIGHT10 10% discount on all products Valid to midnight 1 June 2020 Shipping is additional and will be shown at checkout. Credit Card LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Mar Shopping Guide click the images to shop

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