DIY KEEPSAKE JEWELLERY KIT: LUNA RING your journey keepsakes The Luna Stacking Ring is the perfect gift for Mothers Day. These kits are for mamas who want to make a piece of keepsake jewellery that is not only a special way to preserve a memory, but a piece of art that is created with your own two hands. Breastmilk, locks of hair, loved ones ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, flowers, sand and more can be preserved. $ 1 5 0 r e c e i ve $ 3 0 o ff wi t h Di s c oun t c od e : VOUCHER ( va l i d un t i l mi dn i gh t 3 1 De c 2 0 2 0 ) LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Apr Shopping Guide

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