Behind the Brand AMEE DENNIS am paperarts Amee Dennis is the artist who creates a range of amazing handmade products that include papercrafts - made using locally sourced grasses - and alpaca felt flowers, products and art using the wool from her own herd on the family farm located in Central West NSW. Curtin Springs Paper is made on the station by hand from the local native grasses and plants. Each of the grasses gives the paper a different quality, texture and colour meaning there are never two pieces the same. Amee then transforms this paper into a variation of products including notebooks, paper sheets and fun, quirky paper pulp gifts. Her alpaca products utilise the wool that must be shorn every year to keep the family’s herd happy and healthy. The wool is felted into one of a kind flowers in lovely earthy tones and the stems are made from up-cycled rusty wire. The colours are all natural and limited to the colours of the alpacas in the small herd. The alpaca wool is hand felted and Amee’s whole family helps with making the flowers. Amee says, “Most artists say that they get their inspiration from the landscape. And why wouldn’t you? The Australian landscape is amazing. I guess what makes what I do different is that my inspiration not only comes from my backyard, but is created from that landscape as well.” These alpaca flowers are the perfect gift that won’t wilt and will be cherished forever, plus they are a guaranteed conversation starter. Additionally, alpaca fibre is hypoallergenic and doesn't have lanolin so no harsh chemicals have been needed to make these products. You’ll also find Amee on Facebook and Instagram. Alpaca Flower Pots $36 PayPal | Credit Card LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Apr Shopping Guide

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