REUSABLE PRODUCE BAG bi rd & bee These beautiful reusable produce bags will keep hundreds of single use plastic bags from ending up in our environment.Our bags are handmade and come in many colourful prints with 100% cotton on one side and a soft see-through polyester mesh on the other. They are lightweight, washable, durable and available in 2 different sizes. $12 for one OR $30 for 3 Shipping is additional and will be calculated at checkout AfterPay | PayPal | Credit Card GIFT SHOP bohemian dream Located in Cloncurry (FNW Qld) Bohemian Dream is a one stop shop for distinctive gifts, decor, homewares, toys and more. We are also well known for our range of earrings! Shop in-store by apppointment or online. Shipping is additional and will be calculated at checkout PayPal | Credit Card SET OF 3 TOTE COLLECTION bron's paddock Tote, large clutch, small clutch because every girls loves bags. Tote, large enough for work, and clutches because some girls need matching sets. Bron's Paddock do our best to use recycled prelved materials wherever possible. $55 Shipping is additional and will be shown at checkout PayPal | Square Invoice LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Apr Shopping Guide

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