Behind the Brand KIM HOUSSENLOGE feather & nest Feather & Nest began as a humble little home and country living blog. These days, although Kim Houssenloge is still blogging and sharing her slow life on the Far South Coast of NSW, she finds herself spending large chunks of time writing good, old fashioned letters. Kim says “I love the connection that communicating in this way brings and so I decided to produce a series of cards and note cards that could be used as stationery pieces or little, papery snail mailed gifts to loved ones. I hope you enjoy having a sticky beak and maybe purchasing a set for yourself.” At Feather & Nest you will find cards and stationery bits and pieces that have a Feather & Nest kind of flavour. Think: home, old things, country life, tea, flowers, food, travel. Simple, joyful snippets seen through Kim’s own eyes and camera (and sometimes, phone! ). We hope they bring you joy too and encourage you to write a lovely letter or note or perhaps even share a hand written recipe, and pass it on to a loved one. Each card has a little story of its own and has meaning to Kim’s life on the NSW coast in some way, shape or form. You can find out more about Kim and Feather & Nest by clicking through to her website via any of the images in this article. You’ll also find Kim on Facebook and Instagram. Priced from $6 PayPal | Direct Debit LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Feb Shopping Guide

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