Meet the artist NIKKI METZELING ni kki metzel ing art Nikki Metzeling lives with her family in Forbes (NSW). When Nikki was a child she found her passion in painting flora and fauna of the Australian bush. In Nikki’s past life she was a visual merchandiser but painted as much as she could in her free time. Now that she’s a busy mum to three beautiful children (and wife to a teacher) she has taken on painting as her fulltime career. Nikki’s children are aged 15, 10 and 5 and spending as much time as I can with them when she’s not painting is super important to her. Nikki loves painting flora and fauna (especially birds), but she’s expanded her talents to painting landscapes and has often been commissioned to do paintings of family homes and properties. She also loves painting pets and has found a new love creating pieces for pet-families. We asked Nikki what inspires her: “I’m inspired by colour, especially the colour in nature. I believe Australia has an abundance of natural beauty in its flora and fauna and it allows me to explore its colours and textures through my painting. The natural beauty of my surrounds inspires me to want to bring to life natures beauty onto my canvases which then allows me to share my love of colour and nature with others. I also love being able to use bold colours in my paintings (especially blues) contrasting with simple backgrounds that allows the subject to come to life and almost become ‘lifelike’ or ‘alive’ off the canvas. Knowing that people are enjoying my art and that art is bringing happiness to people also inspires me to share my passion for art with others.“ You can find out more about Nikki and her work by clicking through to her website via any of the images in this article. You’ll also find Nikki on Facebook and Instagram. Priced from $200 Direct Debit | Cash LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Feb Shopping Guide

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