Behind the Brand IRONWORX AUSTRALIA roger and katrina ti te In 2012 Roger and Katrina Tite made a ‘treechange’ to a rural bush block in Southern Tablelands NSW. After the birth of their first child in 2014 they saw an opportunity for Roger to take a break from his usual work and spend some time flexing his creative muscles, and so in 2015 they started Ironworx Australia and they haven't looked back! The unique designs of Ironworx come directly from Roger’s head and are never copies or modifications of other people’s designs. He has always had a love for garden design and functional art. Handcrafted by the couple or by other artisans, they do not use templates or jigs to punch out mass produced products. Every piece of steel is measured, cut, bent, rolled and welded by Ironworx. The steel is 100% Australian made and all other supplies are Australian made or sourced locally as much as possible. Katrina tells us, “We are making the antiques of the future. Our products are unique designs, made to the highest quality and using the best materials, so they will last a lifetime and not just a season. We hope they will become family heirlooms that bring joy to present and future generations”. Whilst Roger handles the creative design and crafting of the products, Katrina builds and manages the website and looks after business admin and order packing/posting. After the birth of their daughter in 2017, business was successful enough for Katrina to not return to her corporate counselling career and join Roger in growing the business. “I get my hands dirty in the shed bending rod”, Katrina adds. “I can guarantee every ‘s’ hook we sell has been personally bent by my hands”. “We consider ourselves privileged to be able to run a business together on our own property that allows us to give our children an upbringing in the bush, as well as show them the value of creating something valuable with your own brains and hands. It is really a family affair because the kids help prepare online orders and our son is the chief art critic who lets us know whether a new design will be popular or not”. LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Christmas Shopping Guide

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