The Story Back in 2007 I was looking for a way to make a little extra money leading up to Christmas. Being a life-long lover of all things Christmas and a fascination with personalised story books, the idea of personalised letters from Santa was a 'no-brainer'. I started with the modest dream of selling 10, maybe 20 letters, if was lucky. I was blown away that first Christmas when the number of letters sold was nearly 100! It was even more exciting when my store on Madeit reached the prized number one seller spot several years in a row ... I felt like I'd really hit the big-time! I’m now heading into my fourteenth Christmas helping Santa with his all-important letter writing duties and each year I write more letters than the year before. I've written THOUSANDS of letters, and my letters have been sent across the globe. Why are my letters so popular? I individually write every single letter so what your child receives is guaranteed to be a one-of-a kind experience that will have them absolutely convinced that the letter in their hand, that arrived in their letter box, with Santa's very own real red wax seal, and genuine North Pole postmark ... is really and truly from the jolly man in the red velvet suit himself! I decided last year was going to be my last year … fast forward to this year and already I’ve been inundated with enquiries asking when I’m going to start taking orders for this Christmas! The thing is the kids have had a super tough year - you might remember the little girl asking Jacinda Ardern if the Easter Bunny was still allowed to come …? Well, for lots of kids the same question will be top of their list of concerns because there are SO many restrictions and no one can travel anywhere - but Santa CAN! www.facebook.com/whitemango.santaletters LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Christmas Shopping Guide

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