Behind the Brand GALLERYGIFT brook winfield Last month we met Brook Winfield, the founder of GalleryGift. GalleryGift's intent is to make art available for everyone, through group gifting of original artworks. The three main goals are: one, to be a really easy, meaningful and special gift solution; two, to allow more people to fill their homes with art they love; and three, for artists to be able to sell more of their incredible pieces. Brook tells us that she now has 55 artists on Gallery Gift with more arriving all the time. A recent project on GalleryGift was a pet portrait of Rebecca’s beloved dog Jazz, who had recently passed away aged 17. A surprise CoFund was set up for her so her family could all pitch in for a voucher that she could use to get a pet portrait done of her beloved dog. To be reminded of the love and support of her family by receiving the voucher during what was a very difficult and lonely lime, even when they couldn’t be there in person, filled her heart with love even when it was breaking. Rebecca now has a gorgeous portrait of her best friend of 17 years that she can treasure forever. Another special gifting of original art was a very meaningful oil painting that Kristine and her family commissioned for her father’s birthday. Her parents used to own a holiday home at Philip Island near an area called ‘The Nobbies’. They are now elderly and have had to sell the house that gave them so many fond memories over the years. Kristine created a CoFund for everyone to contribute to. She then commissioned a portrait of The Nobbies from GalleryGift artist Steve Freestone. It was a wonderful day when Kristine’s family, her parents and Steve all met up for the unveiling of this most precious gift. Kristine’s parents can now be taken back to that special place every time they gaze upon it. Brook is making it super easy for customers to commission or purchase portraits, pet portraits, artwork for children, photography, functional art and a huge array of beautiful, hand picked fine art. Brook is also keen to hear from artists wishing to sell their work on GalleryGift. She tells us that, “GalleryGift is making art for everyone while spreading love between friends and family which is such a wonderful thing to be a part of!”. Steve Freestone Marianne Bindemanis LOVE OF HOME | 2020 Christmas Shopping Guide

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