Richmond, Virginia Historic Distric Home W hile Susan Coleman doesn’t like to play favorites when it comes to her interior design projects, she won’t deny that this historic home on Grove Avenue in Richmond, Va. holds a special place in her heart. The home, built in the 1800s, had been repurposed into several apartments. Her client wanted the home restored to its original glory, which was music to Coleman’s ears. Coleman’s inspiration for the restoration of the home came from a piece of artwork bought by her client in Cuba. Placed over the living room fireplace, the original oil painting gave birth to Coleman’s vision. “That was it – that one piece of art is where we started,” she said. “She wanted us to design around the colors in that artwork. At first, I was like ‘how am I going to make this work’ but we did it and when we finished it was beautiful, classy and full of color.” Coleman’s client gave her poetic license to do as she wished, a designer’s dream come true. “Some might have been intimidated by this project, but I wasn’t at all,” she said. “It is so awesome to be trusted to do something like this from the ground up. And she really listened to me and didn’t dissect everything.

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