M any of today’s most successful interior designers are known for a particular style that serves as their calling card. It might be a color palette, a specific type of artwork or furniture, a certain aesthetic, or something else that can directly identify them with the project at hand. That isn’t the process for Susan Coleman, whose design style simply can’t be pigeon-holed. In her more than 30 years as a successful designer, Coleman has created a variety of dynamic residential interiors, complete with custom cabinetry and furnishings, throughout the United States and the Cayman Islands – all unique to the vision of her clients. “Honestly, I don’t really have a preferred style,” “I would never force my thoughts on a client so I just try to tune into what they’re telling me. I conform to what they want and what they like. It’s not my house, it’s theirs so it’s important to understand how the family functions and what their personalities are like," Coleman said of her exquisitely detailed designs.

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