Revenue Grants $1,864,482 Participant Fees Contributions Management Fee Rental Income Other Total Revenue Expenses Personnel Expenses Program expenses Occupancy Interest expense Administration Total Expenses Depreciation Increase in Net Assets $1,247,925.56 $54,131.50 $897,500 $1,619,663 $125 $5,683,827 $2,870,533 $1,190,055 $663,305 $200,782 $266,084 $5.190,759 $588,401 ($41,756) During FY22, the SISU Team continued their partnership with the City, installing Little Free Libraries in strategic locations for residents and families to access. To date, SISU has installed 9 LFLs in Lawrence. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2021–2022 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 16

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