Lawrence Prospera believes that every student has the ability to learn when placed in an environment supportive of their needs. PFK & Direct Scholarship Funds Lawrence Prospera’s PFK & Direct Scholarship Funds assist some of Lawrence’s most promising eighth graders with financial support in order for them to attend some of New England’s most elite private schools. During FY’19, the Patricia Foley Karl Endowed Scholarship Fund awarded, for the first time, two four-year high scholarships to two 8th grade graduates. The Direct Scholarship Fund awarded nineteen four-year high school scholarships to eighth grade graduates totaling $1.78 million over 4 years. These scholarships will be used to assist students attending Berkshire School, White Mountain School, The Governor’s Academy, Noble and Greenough and St. Mark’s School. Students choosing to stay closer to home will be attending Central Catholic High School, Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School, St. John’s Preparatory School and Pingree School. Targeted Assistance/LPS RISE Academy Lawrence Prospera continued our partnership with the Lawrence Public School’s by providing social-emotional supports and programming for the Lawrence High School RISE Academy during FY’19. RISE is focused on using trauma-focused strategies to ensure the highest risk young people enrolled in Lawrence High School have a safe environment to complete their high school education. The SISU team provides case management services, street outreach, recreational programming, workforce development and vocational training programming for students, ages 14 to 21, who are enrolled at RISE and referred to SISU. In FY’18, the PFK Scholarship Endowment Fund reached its goal of raising $1 million, ensuring that private high school scholarships will be available to LFDCS graduates for years to come. During FY’19, the Direct Scholarship Fund raised $121,234.36 through a variety of fundraising sources, including, but not limited to, the Yankee Candle fundraiser, the popcorn sale fundraiser, Adirondack chairs, table and accessories fundraiser and LFDCS jeans days. The Direct Scholarship Fund also received support from Cynthia Mohr, Alec and Anne White, Haff and Joanne Fournier, World Energy and the Wood Foundation. SY’19 GRADUATES ARE ATTENDING THE FOLLOWING PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOLS Berkshire School Central Catholic Governor’s Academy Noble and Greenough Notre Dame Cristo Rey Pingree St. John’s Prep St. Mark’s White Mountain School Lawrence Family Pubic Academy’s Math, Movie and Music Night LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 9

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