Our History… Raising Scholarships for Today’s Students and Endowing Scholarships for the Future In 2007, the founding Executive Director/Superintendent, Patricia F. Karl, retired, and in honor of her work and commitment, the LFD, Inc. Board of Directors established the PFK Endowment Scholarship Fund with a plan to raise one million dollars over ten years. This fund is a restricted fund until we reach $1,000,000 and is invested by Essex County Community Foundation and have currently raised 3/4 quarters of our goal of the $1M. Also created was the PFK Direct Scholarship Fund for our current graduating class. These funds ensure that promising graduates have the necessary financial assistance to meet the tuition gap between parent contribution and financial awards of secondary schools. Every year, with the support of the Direct Scholarship Fund, LFDCS graduates attend some of New England’s most prestigious and rigorous secondary schools. The PFK Scholarship Funds are supported through the generosity of patrons through individual donations, an annual holiday card campaign and through our annual fundraiser. Providing the Places and Spaces where our Programs are “Strengthening Families and Building Community ” Today, facility assets of LFD, Inc. are valued at over $11 million dollars and ensures stabile, safe, welcoming structures that foster LFD, Inc.’s mission and revitalizes its neighborhoods. Over the past two decades, LFD, Inc.’s board has supported new construction at the Charter School’s Lower School site at 34 West Street, and a seven million dollar purchase and rebuild at 400 and 404 Haverhill Street, which houses the Upper Charter School (grades 5-8) and the Maria del Pilar Quintana Family Center. In 2015, LFD, Inc. acquired 10 Railroad Street through a gift from the Fournier Family. The Railroad Street property houses the LFDCS Academy for Early Academic Preparation and the LFD, Inc. Facilities Department. In FY’16, a STEM Center was built at the West Street campus. In the fall of 2014, LFD Inc. took over management of the Lawrence Youth Team. Through its work with Lawrence’s proven risk young men, the Lawrence Youth Team has become an integral piece of LFD, Inc.’s SISU Youth Development Program. To house this expanding work, LFD, Inc. entered into a lease for a property at 417 Canal Street in Lawrence. After extensive renovations, the SISU Youth Center is expected to open in early FY’18. In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Lawrence Family Development Charter School (LFDCS) earned Level 1 public school status for its MCAS scores, is a strong performing urban school district and builds on its success today with the Academy of Early Academic Preparation for K-1, K-2 and Grade 1 at 10 Railroad Street. In 2014 and now renewed until 2020, LFD, Inc. is an approved Preferred Provider/Turnaround Operator for Massachusetts underperforming school districts in need of targeted assistance, and in September, 2014 executed a three-year contract with the Lawrence Public Schools (LPS) to open the Lawrence Family Public Academy as a demonstration project to provide LPS targeted assistance with teacher preparation, academic skills, language acquisition and social advancement for four and five year olds. At the end of FY’17, LFD, Inc. received reauthorization as a Preferred Provider/Turnaround Operator, renewed the contract for Lawrence Family Public Academy and entered into an expanded contract with LPS to provide social-emotional supports for LPS’s RISE Academy. Academy for Early Academic Preparation Opens 2012 2007 LFD, Inc. establishes PFK Scholarship Funds LFDEF, INC FY’2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORT LFD, Inc. asked to take over management of Lawrence Youth Team and SSYI Program. LFDCS successfully re-chartered. 2014 LFD , Inc. becomes approved Targeted Assistance Turnaround Operator for Massachusetts schools LFD, Inc. consolidates Alternative Youth Programs into the SISU program 2016 2015 LFD begins work on the SISU Center PAGE 3 FY’18

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