In the mid-1990’s, with the support of LFD, Inc.’s Board, a group of committed educators engaged parents and submitted an application to open one of Massachusetts’ original fourteen public charter schools. Since its inception, the Lawrence Family Development Charter School has operated as an independent Massachusetts public school district and is an example of the power of community engagement. Raising Scholarships for Today’s Students and Endowing Scholarships for the Future The LFDCS Scholarship Fund and the Patricia Foley Karl Endowment Scholarship Fund, named for the founding Executive Director/Superintendent of Lawrence Prospera and the Lawrence Family Development Charter School, ensures that promising 8th graders are able to attend a private secondary school, if they choose. For the past ten years, LFD, Inc. has dispersed 4-year scholarships to LFDCS graduates who have attended some of New England’s most prestigious and rigorous secondary schools. Providing the Places and Spaces where we are “developing thriving neighborhoods ” Today, facility assets of LFD, Inc. are valued at over eleven million dollars, and LFD, Inc. ensures stabile, safe and welcoming structures that foster LFD, Inc.’s mission and revitalizes its neighborhoods. LFD continues to update and renovate the City’s real estate. In FY’20 , LFD, Inc. completed the building and sale of a singlefamily home on Jackson Street to a first-time homebuyer and began renovations and updates to the Orange Wheeler House on Haverhill Street. In the coming year, LFD will also begin to renovate the unused side of the Railroad Street campus. With our wealth of real estate, LFD, Inc. has developed and fostered lasting relationships with community partners. For over 20 years, LFD, Inc. has leased building space and land and provided management services to the Lawrence Family Development Charter School. LFD, Inc. also provides operating space and management services to the Lawrence Early Achievement Partnership (LEAP) program and Casa Dominicana, a small non-profit dedicated to promoting Dominican culture in Lawrence. LFD, Inc. establishes LFDCS Scholarship and PFK Endowment Scholarship Funds 2007 2012 Academy for Early Academic Preparation Opens LFD , Inc. becomes approved Targeted Assistance Turnaround Operator LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2019–2020 ANNUAL REPORT LFD, Inc. opens the SISU Youth Development Center 2017 2018 LFD, Inc. rebrands as Lawrence Prospera PAGE 5 FY’21

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