The four major components of the Lawrence Prospera are: 114 Participants Received Services - 85 Males and 29 Females Alternative Youth Development Programs Programs 369 Classroom slots filled 305 Unique individuals Maria del Pilar Quintana Family Center 11 graduates from the Class of 2020 received scholarships from the LFDCS Scholarship Fund LFDCS Scholarship Fund $110,924 Raised for scholarships through fundraising and individual donors $77,130 Scholarships disbursed for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 graduates 255 Students participated in ESL classes 74% ESL students showed improvement 40% ESL student retention rate 68 Students participated in Citizenship classes 44 Immigrants received assistance with the naturalization process at the Quintana Center Alternative Youth 105 Court Involved 26 Received Assistance with Housing 54 Engaged with Mental Health Services 16 Completed ESL Programming 23 Placed In and Maintained Unsubsidized Employment 30 Were Enrolled In or Completed HiSET before the Pandemic 54 Received subsidized employment 167 Students Enrolled in K-1 and K-2 Turnaround Operator For Targeted Assistance K-1 adapted Eureka Engage Curriculum involving students in hands-on activities K-1 83% tested into Tier 1 on Battery Testing 100% families received an IPad during pandemic to better facilitate learning 100% parents logged into Class Dojo during virtual learning. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2019–2020 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 3

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