From the President On behalf of the Board of Directors, administration, staff, participants and families that are served through all of Lawrence Family Development, Inc. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera’s programs, we present this Annual Report which covers July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. This FY’20 Annual Report reflects our unwavering commitment to our mission: Strengthening the individuals and families of Lawrence through the development of thriving neighborhoods. FY’20 was an interesting year for everyone. During the first 8 months of FY’20, the organization made great strides forward; however, what will be remembered most is the pandemic, the shutdown and the quarantine. Our major strategic accomplishments this year included:  Initiating our first Annual Giving Campaign;  Opening the “SISU Prints” screen printing shop and the “SISU Builds” wood working program;  Completing construction of the YouthBuild house at 211 Jackson Street and selling it to a first-time homeowner family;  Piloting a child care program at the Quintana Center during adult educational programming;  Moving the organization’s administrative offices to the newly-renovated Orange Wheeler House to open up space for Lawrence Family Development Charter School’s programming at 34 West Street. Like the rest of the country, which closed down in March, Lawrence Prospera and the greater Lawrence community were feeling the effects of COVID-19. We are proud to report during this time, we came together as an organization and adapted our programming and our way of serving the community to fit the demands of this trying time using the tools available. Our most tangible accomplishment during this time was the launching of a virtual educational system for the Quintana and SISU programs and the provision of food and basic necessities for SISU and Lawrence Family Development Charter School families through a weekly delivery program. We hope that this 2019-2020 Annual Report reflects our commitment to continuing to meet the needs of Lawrence through the mission of Lawrence Prospera and prompts readers and the Board of Directors to share our satisfaction for the future of Lawrence Prospera and its impact on the community. In addition to the individual program goals and accomplishments, Lawrence Prospera continues to move forward with our Strategic Plan with goals of professionalism and excellence in all aspects of the organization by being a community-focused, non-profit service agency. Sincerely, Gregory Spurr, President Lawrence Prospera Ralph Carrero, Executive Director Lawrence Prospera LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2019–2020 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 1

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