LAWRENCE FAMILY DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION FUND, INC. Executive Director Ralph L. Carrero Comptroller/Comptroller (Interim) Administrative Assistant Director of Program Development Assistant Comptroller Technology Coordinator Maintenance Supervisor Director of Alternative Youth Development Programs Coordinator of Career Counseling & Placement Dean of Students/Case Manager Program Operations Coordinator Coordinator of Academic Services Academic Instructor Construction Manager Construction Supervisor AmeriCorps Program Coordinator Full‐Time AmeriCorps Member Full‐Time AmeriCorps Member Full‐Time AmeriCorps Member Lawrence Youth Team Program Coordinator Lawrence Youth Team Intake Case Manager Lawrence Youth Team Transition Case Manager Lawrence Youth Team Street Worker Lawrence Youth Team Street Worker Manager, Family Center Office Assistant, Family Center Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Principal Special Education Director Head of Academy for Early Academic Preparation Head of Lower School Head of Upper School/Title 1 Coordinator RtI/ELL Coordinator Digital Instructor Food Services Director After School Coordinator Business Manager LFDEF, INC FY’2014‐2015 ANNUAL REPORT Roy Nelson/Dale Cavanaugh Susan Lyons Paul Heithaus Tracy Hsu Tony Schumann Luis Nigaglioni ALTERNATIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS April Lyskowsky Lisa Coy Albert Hayle Zulma Liriano Rebecca Lawrence Deborah Morin Greg Earls Domingo Corona Cathleen Jaffarian Breanna Walukevich Russell Hodge Brittni Relf Edgar Caceres Tammy Cancel Jefte Santos Carlos Collazo Willy Rodriguez MARIA DEL PILAR QUINTANA FAMILY CENTER Sandy Cepeda Cindy Colon LAWRENCE FAMILY DEVELOPMENT CHARTER SCHOOL Ralph L. Carrero Judith C. Marley, EdD Susan D. Earabino, EdD Janis Brodeur Erica Crescenzo Jennifer Fanning Stephanie Cole Hali Castleman June Kim Mary Claire Kennedy David Hildt Mary Durkin PAGE 15

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