FABRIC ORIGAMI ORNAMENT MAKING CLASS Adorn your tree with a unique Holiday ornament hand-made by you! Join Alice Mayer as she teaches how to make fabric origami ornaments on December 7 at 11 am in the Clubhouse Ballroom. The cost is only $2! Sign up for this one-of-a-kind class at the Clubhouse Activities Desk. THE ART OF BEADING Facilitator: Valerie Fetcho The holidays are coming fast and it is always great to get a homemade gift from someone you love. At the Art Of Beading the group is always learning something new. There a few members who will teach you how to do the different stitches so that you can make some beautiful jewelry. You don't need to know how to bead in order to join. Everything that you need to start beading is provided. If you want to continue to bead we can help you figure out what you need and make sure you know where to get everything. There is no fee to join and you don't need to bring anything to start. The group is also planning on going to some stores to check out their beading supplies and going to lunch afterwards, so join in every Tuesday in the Clubhouse Craft Room at 11 am. If you have any questions call Valerie Fetcho at 863-268-7157 or email valgeo2@aol.com. YOGA SHARE Participate in yoga to DVDs on Wednesdays at 8:45 am in the Clubhouse Ballroom. Sign up in advance at the Clubhouse Activities Desk. Questions? Call Sally Winfrey at 863.875.8134 or 316.516.2815. CPR CLASS Learn how to perform CPR with Polk County Fire Rescue on December 15 at 1 pm in the Clubhouse Ballroom. This class provides hands-only chest compression CPR and AED training designed to save the lives of people in sudden cardiac arrest. Residents will learn these life-saving tips with handson training, a presentation, and an educational video. Please sign up for this class at the Clubhouse

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