(continued from p. 37) Although the craft fair had not happened at the time of this writing, based on the number of volunteers, both from current LAVA Auxiliary as well as the many neighbors who have offered to help, it will be a great success and a lot of fun. THANK YOU LAKE ASHTON NEIGHBORS! Thank you to veterans and those serving in the military both here and abroad for the sacrifices that they make to protect everyone’s freedoms! God Bless America! LA SWIM CLUB By Sandy White Welcome back snowbirds Bobbi & Carol and a HUGE WELCOME to new members Lisa, Rich, & Debi. It's exciting to see a pool full of all ages and abilities wishing to stay in shape, improve swim strokes, or aiming to participate in one or more of the Florida Senior (age group) Games. The closest one is in Lakeland the last of February or the first of March each year and the plan is to go as team. Someone said LA has the best little senior games swim team in Polk Co. Have you heard that sometimes the club has easy/fun swimming relay races, or an occasional "Wacky Wednesday,” where members wear wacky (weird) clothes and do all Wacky swimming during an entire workout? So, if you can swim and don't like to swim alone, need motivation to improve your physical condition, or just want to be part of a fun group, come check us out on Mon's 6pm, Wed's 1:45pm, or Sat's 10am. How often you can make it is up to you. Swim goggles are recommended. It's also encouraging to see our members participating in other physical activities. In addition to some avid golfers & pickleballers, six members were spotted working hard in the afternoon water exercise group. Of course, the club thinks swimming is the best (and safest) all around exercise! LA BENEFIT ASSOCIATION By Annabel Boogher The LARV Community Benefit Association (official title) is a 501(c)3 charity association formed to raise money to benefit the local schools. Started by the RV but community wide, they have raised over $450,000 given to the local schools through grant requests by the teachers. COVID-19 has put the group on hold plus many of the principal leaders have been sidelined by age and health (though willing to give support). In order to continue and to retain the tax status, new leaders are needed. Please contact Annabel Boogher for more information and/or if you are willing to help. at 863-605-0886 btboogher@aol.com LOOK TO THE SKY By Carolyn Bishop The Lake Ashton Travelers have finally resumed their Chapter Rallies. Over 20 coaches camped out at the lovely Creekside RV Resort in Punta Gorda, Florida October 14 — 18. This rally coincided with the Florida International Air Show that happened to be right next door to this RV Resort. The Air Show Pilots practice right over the RV Park the few days before the actual event. Not only did the group get an amazing view of the airplanes but we could FEEL them all the way to the core! Great food, games and fellowship was had by all. The next Rally in November will be to the Cabana Club RV Resort in nearby Auburndale. If you would like to know more about the FMCA Chapter, please join the group in the Clubhouse Ballroom for the club social held every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5 pm.

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