LALGA By Lydia Fichtman Your LALGA board members have been very active planning new events for the 2021-2022 year. There is a new program just recently added to the LALGA season: The Red Hoagland Challenge. Much like the FedEx Cup, the Red Hoagland Challenge honors those women who win the most money during the year. Since this is the first year in operation the program will run from November 12 through May 31, 2022. The first place winner will receive an additional $80 in Pro Shop Money, 2nd place $60, 3rd place $40 and 4th place $20. In subsequent years, the program will run from June 1 to May 31. A big shout out to Red Hoagland for sponsoring this program. See page 23 for information on the Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament. We Care for Kids will have their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Canned meats, canned tuna and salmon, peanut butter, jelly (no glass), canned or dry soups, canned stews and chili, tea bags, coffee (ground no beans), canned pasta, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned pasta (Spaghetti “O’s”), hot and cold cereals, rice, cake mixes, pancake mix, syrup, powdered milk, packaged pasta (macaroni & cheese, etc.), juice boxes, canned juices, canned beans, spam, canned gravy, granulated sugar, baby food & cereal (glass jars accepted), baby formula (Enfamil/Similac), granola bars, and cereal bars will be accepted. All food will be distributed to The Care Center of Lake Wales and The Mission of Winter Haven. For information please contact Nancy Zagrafos at 863318-1739 or nancyzog@icloud.com. Thank you in advance for your support. Spotlight on Kathy Ryan With only two weeks under her belt this new Lake Ashton resident was already busy on the golf course with the LALGA. Kathy and Jerry Ryan moved to Lake Ashton from the Kansas City area. They learned of Lake Ashton through their next door neighbors in Kansas City, whose sister Sally and husband Gary Winfrey live here. 32 Born in Milwaukee, Kathy grew up in Chatham, New Jersey and attended Colby Jr. College for Women in New London, New Hampshire. She then graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in French. After a year in Washington D.C. she moved to Kansas City in 1970 and never looked back east until now. After a 10-year stint in real estate she and her then husband decided to open a pizza restaurant featuring St. Louis style pizza. It was a happy popular neighborhood place and little did she realize she would spend the next 34 years working there 24/7. Jerry’s daughter worked there and introduced the two after Kathy’s husband had passed away in 1989. In her spare time she played lots of tennis, biked across Kansas four times, played bridge, and switched over to golf as the years went by, active in several leagues. They hope the i r four ch i ldren and s i x grandchildren, from Seattle, Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Ft. Lauderdale visit often and soak up the sun and the fun here. Please help in welcoming Kathy to the LALGA! UPD A TES FROM THE PRO SHOP By Ron LaVoie, General Manager The Lake Ashton Golf Club has a voluntary Hole-InOne Club that rewards members for making that special shot. Each participant pays $2 to join and that money funds the HIO pot. When a member makes a hole-in-one, they are awarded the amount in the pot, issued as a credit to their club account, so you can celebrate in the Eagles Nest, buy that new driver or simply have a nice credit. Members must let the Pro Shop staff know that they want to be enrolled in the HIO Club — new members are not automatically included. Snowbirds: if you withdrew before leaving and are now returning, let staff know if you want to rejoin. Also, if you make a hole-in-one, don’t forget to email valerie@lakeashtoncdd.com with the date, hole and course number, and picture, to be featured in the LA Times!

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