SAFETY PEDESTRIAN SAFETY The days are shorter with darker mornings and evenings, so those out walking should consider pedestrian safety and think about how to be as safe as possible on Lake Ashton roads. Residents are all pedestrians at some point during the day, whether walking through a parking lot or walking for exercise. By employing a few simple strategies, walkers can stay as safe as possible and avoid a potentially tragic accident. Don’t miss the Pedestrian & Parking Safety Presentation with LWPD at Monday Coffee on November 8 at 9 am. All vehicles, including golf carts, must obey all stop signs and the 20 mph speed limit throughout Lake Ashton. Drivers, watch for pedestrians at all times. Obeying posted speed limit and traffic signs can help avert a potential tragedy. SMOKE ALARM FACTS By James Schuppe, LA CERT Member Do you know if your smoke alarms work? Have you tested the alarms? Have you changed the batteries (if required) every six months? Daylight Saving Time is a good time to remember to check. Have you purchased and installed new alarms after the 10 year maximum life expectancy? Have you cleaned them by vacuuming? Dust can cause improper smoke detection if left to accumulate, causing malfunctions. Did you know there are special smoke alarms for the hearing impaired that can notify of smoke/fire by using a visual strobe light or vibration? These simple things can prevent a tragic loss if your home catches fire by giving you advance warning to get out. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH By Fay Wood, NW Chief What To Watch For If You Suspect A Crime Sometimes what a witness or victim sees and remembers can be crucial in helping law enforcement solve the crime. When you call 9-1-1, you will be asked various questions. If you saw someone commit a crime, do you think you could accurately describe what they looked like or the vehicle they were driving? Important description information i n c l u d e s g e n d e r, e t h n i c i t y, approximate age, height, weight, build, hair style and color, eye color, facial hair, jewelry, tattoos, glasses, or anything else that would assist in identifying the person. Also note type and colors of clothing — any hat, shirt, jacket, pants, shorts, dress, belt, and shoes? Can you describe a vehicle with license plate and/or numbers , bumper st ickers or damage, colors, year (or year range), or people in vehicle? Jotting this information down ASAP (in your phone or on paper) will help refresh your memory as needed to assist law enforcement. 18

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