GIVING TUESDAY LAKE ASHTON ACTIVITIES ADVI SORY GROUP There is so much to be thankful for and so many blessings to count! In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, help give back to the community by donating to the Lake Wales Care Center. They will have a donation truck in the Clubhouse West Parking Lot November 30 starting at 9 am. If you would like to donate any large items or large pieces of furniture, please set up a pick-up date with the Care Center by calling 863-676-6678 so they may come to your home and collect the items. THANKFUL BOARD The Clubhouse Foyer will have a Thankful Board on display during the month of November. Residents can write on a fall leaf what they are thankful for and display for all to see. Please stop by and show thanks for all things wonderful in your life! ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Bring any electronics you have for recycling to the Clubhouse on November 16 only, before 12 pm. The list of accepted items can be found below. All hard drives will be shredded! ITEMS ACCEPTED • Computers (Desktop/Tower) • Laptops • Hard Drives • Flat Screen Monitors • Printers • Copiers • DVD Players & VCRs • Modems • Cable/Satellite Boxes • USB, Video & Power Cords • Routers • Lead Acid NonSpillable Batteries • All Circuit Boards • UPS/Battery Backups • Cell Phones • Office Phones/Phone Systems • Insulated Cable/Wire • Video Games & Consoles • iPads/Tablets/EReaders • Keyboards/Mice • Stereo Equipment ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED • CRT Monitors • Televisions • Household Batteries • Glass Bulbs • Paint or Varnish If you would like to join an advisory group to work with the Clubhouse Activities department to assist in determining and evaluating events, classes, and activities at the Clubhouse, please stop by the information wall to pick up an application and submit it to the Clubhouse Activities Desk by November 8. The group will meet monthly starting in January of 2022. RECURRING ROOM RESERVATION RENEWALS On November 1 group facilitators will receive an email with a form to complete to renew recurring reservations at the Clubhouse for 2021. Facilitators have until November 19 to submit the form to secure their current date and time. Contact Sheila Moreland with questions at smoreland@lakeashtoncdd.com or 863.324.5457. WITH GRATITUDE Zackery and I would like to extend many thanks to the residents of Lake Ashton for the outpouring of love, gifts, cards, and wel l wishes celebrating our upcoming marriage! We both are incredibly grateful for all that Lake Ashton has done for us. A special thanks to Marsha Bishop, Gail Prowant, and Cynthia Harris for throwing a wonderful bridal shower. Lake Ashton never fails to show such great love and support! — Caroline Lane, Clubhouse Activities Assistant

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