RESID ENT SPO TLI GHT: DIANNE MACKO What do you do when you are a city girl who wants to join a county 4-H group? And what do you do when you retire from teaching card making classes at Lake Ashton and have some time on your hands? Well, you go back to your summer home in Crossville, TN, enter five exhibits of jewelry and cards at the Cumberland County Fair and come home with 3 firsts (blue ribbons), a 2nd, and a 3rd. Then as a member of the Taylor Chapel FCE (Adult 4-H Group) you enter a 6th exhibit against your peers and win 1st in the county and 1st in the Regional! That’s what you do with your spare time! Dianne enjoys her card making as she taught monthly classes at the JDC for 11 years. She was also introduced to beading here at the Clubhouse and is a member of that group. Congratulations, Dianne, for these accomplishments! She and her husband Milo Macko live on Dunmore Drive. HOMELESS GRADUATING SENIORS By Doris Reisinger Don’t miss Monday Coffee on March 13 at 9 am in the Clubhouse Ballroom that will feature Vickie Griffith's update and presentation of the homeless high school seniors. The need is even greater this year with prices on everything rising! These students will not be attending the usual graduation ceremony because hopefully by then they will have a job for the summer. But due to your generosity, they will be taken out of school and given their own graduation party! The motivational speaker for that party will also be at Monday Coffee for you to meet and hear. Any donation of items or money will help. There also is a congratulations banner posted at every Monday Coffee for all to sign to express their congratulations. Donations can be dropped off at either Clubhouse Activities Desk or contact Doris at miker0343@yahoo.com or 217-652-6636. 12 CLUBHOUSE PHOTO CONTEST VOTING The photo contest voting is complete and the winners have been chosen! Soon, residents will be able to see these pictures displayed throughout the Clubhouse. Thank you to everyone who participated. There are truly many talented individuals in Lake Ashton! 1st Place, above: Dennis Krupinski 2nd Place, below, 1st row left: Dennis Krupinski 3rd Place, below, 1st row right: Brad Kirwan 4th Place, below, 2nd row left: John Garner 5th Place, below, 2nd row right: Dennis Krupinski 6th Place, 3rd row: Gloria O’Rourke

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