LAMGA By David Kubissa The LA Men’s Golf Association kicked off another season of league play on January 4 with more than 140 golfers signed up to play and even more joining as this article goes to press. Despite a couple of chilly and foggy mornings, the 2023 season has jumped off to a hot start with more creative games to come in February. This will be another year of the Red Hoagland Hyundai Challenge. Last year’s winners, announced in late December, were in order of finish: 1. Jim Simpson; 2. Donn Yasz; 3. Paul Panone; 4. Dan Baun. They won gift certificates to the Pro Shop, all donated by Red Hoagland Hyundai. As the new season unfolded in January, the LAMGA Board of Directors plunged headlong into planning mode for the 2023 LAMGA Member-Guest Tournament, taking place from March 9 – 11. Much of the work in the early stages involves not only tournament logistics but also ensuring sponsor support. Last month’s article saluted major sponsors, such as Red Hoagland Hyundai, that have generously supported the tournament in the past. This month we want to acknowledge a few more auto dealerships: Hill Nissan; Lakes Wales Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram; Ridge Quality Motors; and Winter Haven Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram. Look for more Member-Guest sponsors in this monthly article throughout the year, and keep them in mind when shopping locally for goods and services. For a full sponsor list, check out the LAMGA website, Lake Ashton Living and Talk of Lake Ashton. LA NINERS By Marti Schmidt There’s lots of golf happening in February here at Lake Ashton. SAVE THE DATES: February 2-3 Couples Club Championship, and February 20-21 Niners Pick Your Partner Ringer with lunch. Looks to be a super fun time. Let’s see if we can get enough ladies signed up for the Ringer to play the entire course that day! Despite the rain delay and cooler weather on Day Two, the LA Ringer Tournament in January was great. Would love to see more Niners sign up and play. Rules, Rules, Rules - let’s talk about 90-degrees (not the temperature ladies, the GOLF rule). It’s rather important for the fairway turf that you drive on the cart path or rough MORE than the fairway. So, the 90-degree rule was made to keep you OFF the fairways and more on the path. In winter, there are more golfers using the courses, and the grass can take a beating. So, do NOT drive your cart down the fairway to your ball. Please, drive down the cart path or rough towards your ball, then turn 90degrees towards it. We own the golf courses, so let’s take care of them. The Niners need you for Vice President or Treasurer to start after the winter season – any takers? Still have questions? Ready to join? Want to be on the Board? Contact Janet at jan.mutz@gmail.com for more info!

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