LA II (WH ) BOARD OF DIRECTORS ( BOD) The recently installed Lake Ashton II (Winter Haven) Homeowners Association Board consists of five (5) members whose goal is to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare coupled with providing services of general benefit to the owners and residents on a community-wide basis. Since being elected in November 2022, the Board has been reviewing the governing documents which include the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions,(CC&Rs), Articles of Incorporation and By-laws for the Lake Ashton II community. With that being said, the Board is conducting a question and answer session on January 31 at 2 pm at the Health and Fitness Center to discuss a proposed amendment to the CC&Rs regarding short-term rentals. In addition, the Board will hold a Special Meeting in late February or early March so residents can attend and vote on the proposed amendment. Notice of that Special Meeting will be sent out via email blast and a physical mailing. If you are not available to attend the Special Meeting in-person, you can have your voice be heard by submitting a proxy vote which will be attached to the meeting notice. Please plan on attending both the question and answer session on January 31 and the Special Meeting to be determined at a later date. Lake Ashton II (Winter Haven) Homeowners Association Board Members Contact Info Kristy McKibben, President, presidentla2hoa@outlook.com Gary Johnson, Secretary, secretaryla2hoa@outlook.com Ray Rudy, Treasurer, treasurerla2hoa@outlook.com Dave Bishop, VP & ARC Liaison, vparcla2hoa@outlook.com Bill Testa, VP & Asst. Treasurer, vptreasurerla2hoa@outlook.com Native Flowers of The liatris is a perennial also Central Florida By Lynn Davis known as the blazing star or gayfeather. Like many Native Plants, it is quite happy to receive little care once established. It prefers full sun and welldrained soil but does well in sandy conditions. The liatris can grow to a variety of heights. It’s best to cut back in mid-summer to reduce its height. You’ll see blooms from July-August. It’s an excellent plant to dry for flower arrangements. This “star” is also easy to grow from seed. The liatris is a great flower for beginners. It’s easy to grow once it’s watered until it’s first established. Like many native flowers, the blazing star attracts both bees and hummingbirds. Just space between 12-15 inches and enjoy these showy plants. LA ( LW) HOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS ( BOD) CONTACT INFORMATION Management Company: Don Asher Michellette Ramos: manager@lakeashtonhoa.org President/Treasurer Bob Prowant president@lakeashtonhoa.org Vice President Nancy Baker vp@lakeashtonhoa.org Secretary 1 Tom Hevel secretary1@lakeashtonhoa.org Secretary 2 David Muller secretary2@lakeashtonhoa.org Secretary 3 Debbie Holmes secretary3@lakeashtonhoa.org

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