The Chronicle Preparations s, One Night rience was really exciting to be able to show off our song, that we had worked so hard on, at a public event. Since it was my senior, it was even more special.” Junior Amanda Deliee had no idea there was going to be a live performance at the dance. “That was the first time I heard the song,” Deliee said. “All of their friends were really hype on the dance floor. It was interesting to watch.” Around 10:30 p.m., the DJ year’s prom introduced this court. The court was made up of seniors Carly Herbert and Miles Housley, Nicole Gray and Jack Riley, Susan Pillow and David Doheny, and Emmalee Stokes and Noah Stallard. Riley was honored to be part of the court. “It was a really fun experience,” Riley said. “It made it even more special that I got to spend it with Nicole.” Housley and Herbert were crowned this year’s king and queen. “It was really exciting,” Herbert said. “I definitely didn’t really expect it but it was a great addition to an already great night.” “It was really awesome to be crowned king,” Housley said. “Being able to dance with my girlfriend with everyone else was really special.” When the dance ended, after 4. with juniors and seniors prom kicked off. The event took place from midnight to 4 a.m. in the commons and gym. Students were able to play casino games, race in a blow up obstacle course, ride a mechanical bull, or relax and watch a movie. “The food was really good,” Deliee said. “There was chickfila, pizza, cookies and the Carousel truck.” Prizes were handed out throughout the night. Senior McKenzie Betz was one of the winners of a brand new Chromebook. “It was really surprising,” Betz said. “You don’t expect it, but you always hope to be called. I was happy when I got up and actually got it handed to me.” Junior Sarah Scardina won the first place parking spot. The grand prize was a check for $2019. “Winning the check for the $2,019 was incredible,” Riley said. “I want to invest it for my savings.” Junior Seth Richards won a $50 giftcard and a yearbook. The audience was shocked when junior Ben Byus won a Coach purse. “That was funny,” Cannizzo said. “He looked completely not amused.” “Ross.” Faith Botto senior 5. “Joseph A. Bank.” Easton Evans senior April 2019 Where’s the best Place to get Prom Attire? By Adian Brindley Staff Reporter “Men’s Wearhouse.” Noah Shenk junior 6. “Macy’s” Alyssa Demski junior niors Carly Herbert and Miles Housley share the dance-floor. rawberry Shortcake.” Dancing the night away, senior Mark udents complete in an obstacle course and play cards. 4. Showing off his attire to his friends, senior Jake Heenan flashes his tux to seniors Jack Kroll and Ben Heflin. 5. Pinning her date’s boutonniere, junior Lillie Grimsley and Owen Whisenant get ready for the dance. 6.Attaching her corsage, junior Jimmy Dooly places the arrangement on girlfriend Jill Bennett’s wrist. “Men’s Wearhouse for sure.” Dean Kolb sophomore Prom Preparations 9

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