The Chronicle Features Cosmetology Hosts First Hiring Fair Student stylists showcase their skills for employers By Audrey Fisher Contributing Reporter From manicures to highlights, Cosmetology III students showed off their skills at the first Cosmetology Showcase and Hiring Fair. The event took place on March 18 at Iva Bella Salon in Vint Hill. Salon owners and managers were invited to watch Fauquier County cosmetology students showcase their skills on live models and mannequins. “My favorite part was getting to interact with all the different salons and showing them what I’m strong and comfortable in doing,” senior Mikki Bauchman said. “The best part was being able to showcase skills we’ve been working on for the last three years,” senior Sara Nahidian said. Students took a lot away from the opportunity and got a first hand experience to see the field. “I learned you can’t be nervous doing events like that because it will prevent you from doing your best,” Bauchman said. “Just know that everyone feels the same way you do and give it your all.” Cosmetology students handed out resumes at the event. Several of them landed job interviews. “I am in by Sammy Larson Staff Reporter April 2019 Get to Know Your Teacher Mr. Yancey Social Sciences photo by Tonya Smith Showing off the skills she learned in Cosmetology, senior Vallen Umanzor hopes to impress local salon owners who attended Fauquier County’s first Cosmetology Hiring Fair. the process of getting a job at a salon where I can work as a stylist,” Nahidian said. Students will take sit for their boards at the end of April. Upon successful completion, the students will be licensed stylists. “Cosmetology is a great program because it sets you up for a career that you can begin straight out of high school,” Nahidian said. According to Tonya Smith, cosmetology teacher, this same education at a cosmetology school would cost students upwards of $30,000. “Fauquier County students have the opportunity to earn their license for a nominal supply fee all while satisfying graduation requirements,” Smith said. Culinary II students catered the event. “The theme was an updated ‘Spilling Tea Party, get it?” Kathryn Kiser laughed. “Evidently, when one gossips, it’s known as spilling tea, and who do we gossip to? Our hairdressers. It was a perfect theme! My students are great.” The orignial menu for the day was finger sandwiches, veggie crudites, scones, themed sugar cookies, meringues and bubble tea. “However, the event was rescheduled Kiser said. “We ended up with multiple times,” orange-cranberry and apple-cinnamon scones, themed sugar cookies, meringues, and tea.” Calvin Dao, Aidan McGrw, Brendan Williams and Jillian Kenney set the table, served the food, and cleaned up when the event was over. “I enjoyed the whole experience and I thought it was cool to be able to say that we made what we served,” Kenney said. Kiser was thrilled with how well the event went. “I love the opportunity to get my kids out in public. Some of the state competencies address off site catering, so this gave my students the opportunity to complete those competencies,” Kiser said. Seniors Enjoy One Last Walk in the Park Annual senior trip to C.M. Crockett Park gets two thumbs up By Declan Boyle Features Editor The senior class embarked on its final field trip together. On Tuesday, April 23, seniors traveled to C.M. Crockett Park for the annual cookout. “We did a lot of fun stuff,” senior Harper Crater said. “We rented a paddle boat and later a motor boat, played some volleyball, and just hung out.” At the park, seniors had the opportunity to fish, boat, play games, and relax with their peers one last time before graduation. “We spent the day at a big rock taking pictures, listening to music, and dancing,” senior Wanye Solomon said. “We had a couple of people stop by to say hi on the boats.” Since the temperature was 79 degrees, boating was one of the most popular activities of the day. Although students were not allowed to swim, a trio of girls ended up taking an unintentional dip in the water. Seniors Lauren Stumpf, Anna Wood, and Maria Squif ran into some trouble when they flipped their canoe in the middle of the lake. “We were almost to the dock and then started to tip,” Stumpf said. “Then we photo by Grant Colgan Spending a few hours on the water, Tristan Brown, Grace Schumacher, Timothy Tucker and Kyle Manuel rent a boat at C.M. Crockett Park. almost got back up but there was water in the canoe and we didn’t have good balance and then went all the way down.” Seniors Miles Housley and Keith White came to their rescue. “My friend Keith and I saw Lauren’s canoe nearly sunk, so we jumped out of our boat, into the water and we helped push it to the dock,” Housley said. Senior Logan Morris spent the day fishing from the shoreline. “I thought that the best part of the picnic was fishing and catching some hawgs [big fish], as well as watching people jump off of the boats,” Morris said. Senior Anthony Moran spent the bulk of his day playing beach volleyball. “It was really dope,” Moran said. “Richard Meseg bicycle kicked the ball over the net and scored. It was a ton of fun, I’m really glad to have spent the time with Richard.” Kimberly Olinger, marketing teacher, was one of the chaperones. “I really enjoyed the weather,” Olinger said. “It was the perfect temperature with a light breeze. I enjoyed seeing all the students get out in the boats and have fun!” Since the park was short staffed, trip chaperones had to pitch in to help seniors on and off the boat. “My back was sore by the end of the day,” Bo Pittman, SCA sponsor, said. “Ms. Reffitt and I spent the day bent over helping students on and off the boats. It was a lot of work.” After spending a few hours friends, with the seniors headed up to the pavilion for lunch. They were treated to hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and cake. “My favorite part of the picnic was the food that Coach Frye grilled for the student body,” senior Chris Kallighan said. “The music he played was also very funky, I’ve started listening to that stuff.” Although seniors are sad about leaving behind life long friends, many are excited about the next step. “There are plenty of things that I’m looking forward to next year, but there are definitely things I will miss about Kettle Run,” senior Carly Herbert said. “I’ve made a lot of really great friends this year and have a lot of great memories. I didn’t believe that you meet the best people your senior year of high school but it is 100 percent true. The senior picnic was a great opportunity for all of us to spend a little bit of time together before we all go our separate ways next year.” This senior picnic has been taking place since 2010, the year KR graduated its first senior class. Connor Gladstone junior 1. I’m committed to Tampa 2. I have two brothers and one sister 3. I can dunk a basketball. 4. I wear prescription glasses. 5. I like dragons. peach-green Where did you attend college? “Radford university, I majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology.” Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher? “I always knew I wanted be some sort of educator specializing with at risk youth.” What are you favorite things about teaching? “Saving young lives and interacting with bright, young minds.” What is something you want your students to know about you? “I’m a basketball coach, but I also played football and was part of the 2 year regional.” Student Fact or Fiction Features 7 2 is false

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