The Chronicle Viewpoint Spending an entire weekend serving others may not be your idea of a dream weekend, but the impact it can have on others and in the community is immeasurable. National Honor Society members participated in a day of service. In addition to feeling good about serving others, members also needed to finish their required service hours. For most honor societies, volunteer hours are required for membership to the club. For some, this requirement can seem like a burden, but there are countless benefits giving back to your community. Volunteer work comes in many different forms. While some volunteer through their churches or religious organizations, there are groups like Habitat for Humanity that get together to build houses for those in need. Helping out at a food bank, animal shelter, or hospital are all examples of volunteer work where you can directly see the impact you are having on other peoples lives. Another great way you can directly impact someone’s life is through tutoring or mentoring kids. There is never a shortage of students - whether they are right here at Kettle Run or April 2019 Students Deliver the Gift of Giving Back How volunteering in the community can benefit students to mention, nowadays most colleges want to hear about what work you have done for others when reviewing your application. It’s important for them to see that you are willing to take the time out of your life to help out others. For some, volunteering and helping others without expecting anything in return, gives them a sense of purpose. For others, volunteers reported the social aspect of being involved resulted in them being less stressed, In this generation, it’s becoming easier to be selfabsorbed and self-centered, especially when the majority of our generation spends every free second scrolling endlessly through social media. photo from @KettleRunNews Raising money for Build Africa, runners participate in the first Race for Grace. The race was in memory of 2017 graduate Grace Stone. in different elementary and middle schools throughout the county - that could use a little help to succeed in school. There are indirect ways to give back as well. Instead of throwing away old clothes and shoes, consider donating them. Donating old clothes and shoes to thrift stores and collection bins might mean that a kid gets pair of sneakers and doesn’t have to go barefoot. In addition to the benefits volunteering can have on others, it also can help build connections that may open other doors for those who participate in the future. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to network, and by doing that, you might meet people with similar interests. Not Volunteering can help put things into perspective. A lot of the time, we don’t detach enough to realize the ways in which others need help. By taking some time to do something for the good of others, and putting your own wants temporarily to the side, students can learn a lot about how to put yourself in another’s shoes. So the next time you are trying to lay out your weekend plans, consider taking a couple of hours and looking into different ways that you can help others in your community. Why do you give back to your community? “It looks good on college applications.” Pierce Helou sophomore “Giving back to the community makes me a better person.” Zane O’Connor senior “I enjoy helping people who aren’t in the best position right now.” Taylor Creeden junior “To better my community and it makes me a better person.” Nicky Larson junior “It looks really good for college applications.” Connor Gladstone junior Learn About Us: The Chronicle Mission Statement and Staff Published nine times a year, The Chronicle at Kettle Run is a student-run newspaper. The paper is distributed monthly to all members of the faculty, staff and students in the school. Unsigned editorials will be published that express the views of the majority of the newspaper’s board. Letters to the editor are welcomed and will be published as space allows. Letters must be signed, but the staff may withhold names 2 Viewpoint editorial upon an author’s request. We reserve the right to edit letters for grammar, quality and content. All letters are subject to laws and governing such as obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process, as are all contents of the paper. Opinions displayed in letters to the Editor-inChief are neither necessarily representative of those of the staff, nor are opinions or policy of the administration, unless so attributed. Editor-in-Chief Carly Herbert Managing Editor Emma Gray Viewpoint Editor Conner Roy News Editor Lillie Grimsley Features Editor Declan Boyle Noah Feno Lifestyle Editor Faith Schaefer Entertainment Editor Jack Tessier http://krhsnews.com Sports Editor Charlie Niber Staff Reporters Aidan Brindley Elisa Dass Mahala Goodwin Samuel Larson Samantha Malloy Avery Mallory Cali May Javier Medina Grace Morrow Jailyn Settle Daniel Stell Kettle Run High School 7403 Academic Avenue Nokesville, VA 20181 Phone: 540-422-7330 Fax: 540-422-7359 Published by: Narrow Passage Woodstock, VA

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