Passing Your DMV Practice Test First Time Strangely, one of the most daunting parts of learning to drive is not getting that practical experience on the roads. It’s often passing the DMV practice test that causes would-be drivers problems. Here’s how to box that test off with ease. Our first tip is study hard. Get a copy of your state’s official driving manual. Ensure it’s upto-date, as the rules of the road can change occasionally. Read it thoroughly and when you’re out on the road, test yourself by naming specific road signs aloud and talking through what procedures you’re undertaking, when turning left or right, or approaching a junction, say. This helps reinforce your learning in your mind. Next, find a good permit practice test website. Find one offering multiple tests and instant scoring to check how you’re doing. When you get questions wrong, write them down. Re-read the relevant areas of the driving manual, then retake the practice driving test online. Keep doing this until your score is nearly perfect. Then, on the day of your written test, you’ll be comfortable with both the situation and the questions because you’ve taken the DMV practice test so many times. Simple!

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