ITPO Bahrain participates in BITEX 2018 and MEET ICT 13 to 15 February 2018 Manama, Bahrain MEET ICT and BITEX 2018, held under the patronage of H.E. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister of Transportation and telecommunications is the biggest yearly ICT event in the country. ITPO Bahrain as an ‘Event Partner” assisted with the identification and nomination of international entrepreneurs who speakers attended and as delegates as well as various other ICT entrepreneurs who exhibited products/services during the event. their Green Initiative: EWA and ITPOBahrain Join Hands 16 February 2018 Manama, Bahrain The Minister of Water and Electricity Affairs (EWA) met with the Head of ITPOBahrain to discuss ways in which they can work together to increase the use of Supporting the Agricultural Sector 26 February 2018 Manama, Bahrain Hashim Hussein, Head of ITPO Bahrain, and Ibrahim Adam Al Dukheri, General Director of the Arab Organisation for Agricultural exchanged Development (AOAD), letters with the aimto support agro entrepreneurs.Hashim Hussein said: “we are aiming to bring the right kind of technology that will enable entrepreneurs develop and flourish”. to further renewable energy in both residential and commercial buildings. As one of many other efforts, ITPO Bahrain suggested to provide training to all those who wish to establish businesses in related areas. The two sides hope the collaboration will increase over time. 3

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