Making the decision to leave the corporate world and embark on this entrepreneurial journey was no easy as it came after thorough consideration, research, as well as personal development. In 2010 he joined the EDIP program with UNIDO ITPO Bahrain which helped build up his confidence as an entrepreneur and in 2012, while still working in a full-time job, he established WFC along with his partner Ebrahim AlSada who continues to be a shareholder and the general manager of the facility. When the business started growing his responsibilities did too, “I signed my resignation on my birthday, the 2nd of August 2015. It was like a gift to myself”, Fawaz adds. “I signed my resignation on my birthday, the 2nd of August 2015. It was like a “ gift to myself Although he found his purpose in entrepreneurship, Fawaz found that Working in different industries in the past has been very beneficial to him as the first-hand experience in handling projects and dealing with numbers are skills he continues to utilize in his business today. The biggest challenge for Fawaz and his partner when they were starting the business was finding a good 16 location, as well as finding support from the financial institutions in Bahrain because of the novelty of their business idea, which made some doubt its feasibility. Fawaz‟s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid completely relying on other entities and individuals to do the hard work for them, emphasising that UNIDO ITPO and other supporting entities are merely tools but the real work must be carried out by the entrepreneurs themselves. Today, WFC is a highly successful family friendly fitness center suitable for both children and adults alike. What differentiates Winners from other fitness centers is the variety of the services provided which are constantly improved and added upon. Here, Fawaz would like to emphasise that working hard during the initial development of the business is not enough, and that one must work hard constantly and consistently not only to enter the market but to survive in it. When it comes to the future, Fawaz hopes to expand all over the gulf and create a bigger, healthier and happier community. To learn more about WFC go to their Website.

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