Women in Innovation in Entrepreneurship: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 26th November 2018 Riyadat Mall, Manama, Bahrain The “Women & Innovation Forum: Achieving the SDG‟s”, organized by Bahrain Business Women Society and supported by UNIDO ITPO was held to identify the barriers or challenges that might be hindering the growth of women in innovation and entrepreneurship and the ways to overcome these challenges through an integrated approach combining research and Academia, discussions among stakeholders, experts, and successful entrepreneurs while also highlighting and celebrating the many positive challenges and improvements that took place in this area. For many, the high-level and variety of participants in the forum was an opportunity to expand networks and potentially build new partnerships. Others were inspired to embark on their own innovative entrepreneurial journey‟s. In relation to the UN‟s 2030 vision, the central role of innovation in achieving the SDG‟s was emphasized and through discussions that included sharing good practices and success stories a key action plan was identified aiming to further innovation especially among women in the country. Hawa Al Bahrain Conference and Festival the 27th November 2018, Sheraton Hotel, Manama, Bahrain In line with the 2015 workshop entitled “When Creativity meets Business: Sharing Stories of Women Entrepreneurs for Local Development” held in Matera under the bannerof “Matera Pavilion of Knowledge” and “Matera European Capital of Culture 2019”. ITPO Bahrain, the Region of Basilicata, the International Federation of Bahraini Business Professionals and Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre have developed a three-year program, in Bahrain, aimed at promoting investments and creative entrepreneurs especially women on both sides of the Mediterranean. Accordingly, in 2016, the focus was on Bahrain; in 2017 it shifted to the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries and in 2018 the whole Arab Region and eventually in June 2019 it will encompass countries of the South and North of the Mediterranean and is to be hosted in Matera. Accordingly, ITPO Bahrain in cooperation with the Jasra Handicraft Center and through the support of the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation organized “Hawa Al Bahrain Conference and Festival”; with the participation of 150 creative entrepreneurs who showcased their products. The event also featured a series of technical workshops conducted by ITPO Bahrain entrepreneurs as the world renowned 12

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