Partnership between ITPO Bahrain and UNIDO Shanghai Innovation Centre 12th July Manama, Bahrain Mr. Wang Genxiang,Project Manager of UNIDO Global Innovation Network and Director of UNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Innovation Center was received in Bahrain offices to exchange letters aiming to increase partnership and cooperation between the two partiesand develop programs related to entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes working jointly to develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs among entrepreneurs, universities, and other educational institutions. The partnership also aims to jointly support and organise specialised and conferences in selected areas. competitions, workshops a number of the UNIDO ITPO The EDIP Program held in “Youth City 2030” 08th July – 09th August Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre,Bahrain The Youth City 2030 is an annual event organized by Bahrain’s Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs (MYS) and it focuses on the Bahraini youth. UNIDO ITPO Bahrain participated in the event by holding conducting a 4 week EDIP program to not only teach the youth the ways of developing a business with all its aspects, but to also listen to them, hear out their dreams and interests and encourage them to pursue these dreams. A key objective of the event is to encourage and prepare the youth for a bright and productive future. For a month, the Youth City project involved various workshops and to develop the aimed youth technology, encourage them to nourish their skills, develop new ones whether in media, information programs and arts, languages, science and sports or any other areas. This included workshops in workshops in scientific, artistic and technological fields; interior design; fashion design; drawing, sketching; illustration; sculpture and meant environmental and potterymaking and many more. Furthermore, the event consciousness amongst the youth. to develop health 3

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