International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Investment in the theme “Health and Wellness”. A successful graduate Bahraini of our owned and operated healthy juice factory, its CEO and co-founder Ms. Saniya Abdulaal, is a Development & from Mrs Al Enterprise Investment Promotions (EDIP) Program. Key note speeches Zayani on “Women in Industry & Healthy Ramadhan Nutrition” and Dr Hashim Hussein on the AICEI’s Health & Wellness strategy, emphasised importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic empowerment and growth, female impactful investment. Ms Abdulaal also treated attendees to samples of her juices and a tour of the Perfectly Pressed facility situated within the BBIC. the UNIDO ITPO Heads’ Meeting held in Tokyo 4th – 5th June Tokyo, Japan The annual UNIDO ITPO Head’s meeting was a two-day session used to discuss the ITPO network’s past accomplishments and future strategies in relation to substantive programs, operations and publicity. 7

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