address future challenges and trends in the world, there positive role in achieving by playing a the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 through Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the means of creating synergies and educational institutions. upcoming summit are representatives from Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) – Switzerland, Trade Mark East Africa, WEConnect linkages with Bahrain, ITC, UNCTAD, WTO, Parsons School of Design- USA, Simdi Group of Companies- Maldives, and SCHS Asia- China. India, UNIDO International Women Entrepreneurs Summit Kathmandu, Nepal South Asian Women Development Forum is organizing the International Women Entrepreneurs Summit- 2018; with the theme “Equality begins with Economic Empowerment” scheduled for 3rd to 5th September in Kathmandu, Nepal. The main goal of the summit is to bring together women business professionals, providers, resource international and achievers, leaders, service organizations, relevant sectoral experts, government representatives other stakeholders from various fields, with a focus on innovative economic transformation through cutting- edge discussions and collaborations. The summit will be participated by delegates from the People’s Republic of China, SAARC, ASEAN, EU, African and the Arab regions. The deliberations will be on IT, agriculture, and tourism, focusing on e-trade, trade and gender, to name a few. Some of the speakers for the 10 Perfectly Pressed: Saniya Abdulaal Saniya Abdulaal is a Bahraini born and raised entrepreneur with a passion for food and art who turned her passion into a business when she co-Founded Perfectly Pressed; a local distribution company with an aim to help Bahrainis lead food healthier and happier lives. The business idea began with a health issue relating to dairy sensitivity, leading her to find other healthy alternatives as well as nondairy alternatives. She entrepreneurial started journey she launched perfectly her long before pressed, by taking gradual, well thought of steps. She joined the EDIP in 2014 when her business was merely a concept. The program provided her with an overview of all the elements involved in starting a business in Bahrain, and by learning about and the vast support structures designed to help entrepreneurs such as herself, Saniya gained enough confidence to take it a step further.

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