To prolong the life of your new flat roof skylight, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. While these types of window are generally designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, a few easy steps will ensure it continues to look its best and perform as expected. Condensation on the outer glass of rooflights for flat roofs is entirely normal – it indicates that the thermal insulation is working as it should. But to prevent condensation from building up inside, ensure the room below is kept ventilated and properly heated year round. If you have an opening window, hinges should be greased every two to three years to lubricate them and keep them opening and closing smoothly. If possible, remove dirt, debris and leaves from around the flashing annually. This will prevent drainage problems. If your flat glass rooflight is covered with ice or snow for long periods, brush it off. This ensures that when ice melts, the water flows away safely rather than pooling. That will help to stop damage to the window seal and surrounding shingles over the longer term, saving your flat roof skylight from developing leaks into the room below.

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